WOBURN (CBS) – A Wilmington man distraught over the loss of his child was ordered held on $10,000 bail Tuesday, a day after he struck and killed a woman with his car.

43-year-old Charles McNeil pleaded not guilty to driving under the influence of drugs at his arraignment in Woburn District Court.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports

His attorney said McNeil had just left McLean Hospital where he had been treated for depression for several days when he hit and killed Kim Forte as she was crossing Main Street Monday morning.

forte2 Dad Depressed Over Child’s Death Charged With Killing Pedestrian

Kim Forte was struck by a car and killed while walking in Wilmington. (photo via Facebook)

McNeil was being treated for depression after his 21-month old son had died from kidney failure, according to his attorney.

McNeil had just left an outpatient meeting and was heading home when he struck Forte, who died at the scene.

Prosecutors say McNeil had taken anti-depression medication and a sedative prescribed to him by McLean Hospital shortly before the crash.

Police say he failed several field sobriety tests and seemed lethargic after the accident.

If McNeil posts bail, the judge ordered him not to drive.

Comments (15)
  1. Sad says:

    How tragic for everyone involved. It’s incredible how quickly life can unravel. My prayers are with both families. What an awful story.

  2. Denise says:

    unfortunately there isn’t anything called a tragic accident anymore. Stay tuned!

    But my thoughts and prayers are with both families right now!

  3. Woodsie says:

    Unless you’ve had a loved one go through this horrible sickness you have no idea….FACT!

    Count your blessings!

  4. 2 cents says:

    How could the hospital allow him to drive away under such powerful drugs????

  5. msw says:

    This is a tragic story for all involved. Some of these psych drugs are very powerful and not every patient reacts the same way to them. A dose may impair some patients and not others – very difficult to predict. Very sad.

  6. Joan Griffin Le Blanc says:

    This situation keeps getting worse. I just can’t believe Charles lost his son and now has to deal with taking Kim’s life. There is no words………..

  7. Stephen Costa says:

    It is very sad i knew Kim for 22 years she was a great person

  8. John T says:

    Charge the doctors! first for prescribing these drugs (probably benzodiazepines) and secondly for letting him leave like that. It sucks to say but maybe this will open some eyes and people will finally see how much these drugs can mess you up. My thoughts are prayers with both families

  9. Jennifer Bowen says:

    I am so sorry for the loss of Kim. Not only is her family and friends affected of just the man that killed her but the whole town of Wilmington. My prayers are with everyone!!

  10. Ruth Goodwin says:

    Professor Forte will be missed by all of her dental students. She was always so happy and positive. It’s a tragic loss. We will never forget you Professor. You will always be loved and remembered from us all.

  11. Pne says:

    His 22 month old son died in December 2008. He obviously was abusing his medication and the Doctors who prescribed the medicine should have known if they were keeping track of his prescriptions however they (the doctors) didn’t shove it down his throat he needs to be held accountable! And his lawyer uses his child’s death as an excuse? That is just wrong! Nice twist for a defense making people think he (just) lost his son recently not that he still can’t be depressed or rather HOOKED on Meds!!! A lawyers true colors exposed. RIP Declan and Kim!

    1. eljayenRN says:

      We don’t know the whole story. Of Course he could still be very depressed over the loss of his child even after 10 years. Perhaps the meds were new or the dosage uped. Unless you have been there perhaps you should quiet down. Typically you DO NOT get HOOKED on antidepressants!
      Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

    2. joan says:

      hey know it all he just started going to the doctors the week before because it was his sons borthday this month, so back off he is wonderful guy who had a terrible accident!

  12. ffortekeegan says:

    To all the journalist, readers and commenters who are so eager to put out their
    opinion on this TRAGEDY. I feel it necessary to put this in perspective for
    those willing to read. There is ONE VICTM is this TRAGEDY. The one who will be
    buried this weekend. Did this perpertrator loose a child, yes. However one
    tragedy does not justify causing another. Does society give a green light to
    anyone who suffered loss to commit crimes? Do you really think Kim Forte and her
    family never suffered any loss or tragedy of their own? I can assure you they
    have but she of all people would have encouraged anyone suffering to cope w/
    positivity, dignity and above all responsibilty. This was a tragedy due to the
    irresponsible behavior of this man. Every presciption comes with a warning label
    for the sole purpose of preventing accidents. Unfortunately this man choose to
    ignore those warnings. I understand controversy sells but so does compassion and empathy. She was a remarkable woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt & friend who lived her life based on values and if anything is taken away from this senseless tragedy she would want a lesson of responsibilty and respect to be learned.

  13. krr says:

    how very sad. I feel deeply for both families and do know that depression is a serious illness as I suffer from it as well. My heart goes out to all and hopefully this man will get the help that he needs. I pray that Jesus be glorified through this mess.

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