BILLERICA (CBS) – Police are looking for three men who burst into a home in Billerica, shot a man and took off.

It happened around 7:30 p.m. Sunday at a house on Oak Street.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports

The men came in with a shotgun and eventually wounded Robert Carter.

Cody Gallinaro described the scene to WBZ-TV’s Jim Smith.

“His daughter tried pushing him out of the door. They wrestled around and then she called her father, and he came down and they wrestled around, she went up to tell her grandmother and then she heard two shots and she went down and he was shot in the back, I guess, and his hand.”

WBZ-TV’s Jim Smith reports

Carter was rushed to Leahy Clinic in critical condition.

Investigators do not believe the attack was random.

State and local police searched the neighborhood and a nearby mobile home park Sunday evening, but found nothing.

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  1. Ellen says:

    This is terrible. Home invasions, people being shot, and yet the police say it wasn’t a random act of violence, then what was it? I hope and pray the one who was shot will be once again reunited with his family, hail and healthy, but in the meantime invest in a pit bull, and keep windows and doors locked all the time.

    1. Lonely Friend says:

      I personally know Sean Larson quite well (the allegded gunmen), and I can assure you he would never attack another man with a firearm unless his life was in immediate danger. Also by researching on the web, and by talking to some friends of mine that are Billerica residents I found out that several of the residents at 45 Oak street have police records. Jess heffernan mislead a police investigation a few years back, and Casey heffernan was arrested for violating an abuse prevention order (restraining order) and most recently another member of the household sold illegally obtained Percocet 30mg too two undercover officers. So yes they were clearly not as innocent as made out to be by all of you who talk before knowing both sides of the story. They are not outstanding citizens and most likely it was a Drug Deal gone wrong. I refuse too believe that it played out how they say it did. If you search many different news articles you will also notice that they all claim different things I saw one saying that Robert carter wrestled on the ground with two men one armed with a machete and then the third man pulled out a concealed sawed off shotgun and shot him in the back. However others claim that Robert answered the door to the gunman and was immediately shot. Also I came across a few saying that the grandmother was hiding in the upstairs closet from fear after they entered the home, yet the official story is Jess wrestled them for a second trying to push them out the door and screamed for help and then Robert came down and confronted the men as Jess fled to an upstairs bedroom and told her grandmother what was happening. So if you ask me this doesn’t add up I also know that a man related to the Heffernans broke into Sean Larson’s house years back and was never charged for it because the police told him their wasn’t enough evidence, then just months before this Sean and Micheal Jennsen (the Man related to the heffernans) were in a fight in Tewksbury. So basically what i suspect is these degenerates invited the men to their house to make a drug deal and it went south and resulted into a shooting I have also heard from one of the family members of a party involved claiming that Robert Carter had a handgun of his own and that’s why shots were fired, and before you proceed to ask why the gun wasn’t found then I’m going to simply state that it was most likely hidden before the police arrived. So before I leave I would also like to point out that I have old friends from years ago that I no longer talk to tell me that members of the heffernan family are drug dealers and from the arrest article I read about one of them selling Percs’s to undercover cops backs that up. So think next time before u say that how terrible these acts were and u don’t agree how the police think there was a motive please read into more. Also before I leave I’d like to once again state that Sean Larson might not be perfect but he is not someone that would go into random homes shooting people with shotguns honestly I wish that you were in my shoes in this because from my view knowing the men accused of such serious crimes and knowing that they are not vicious killers and In fact have some of the greatest hearts I’ve ever seen. Sean Larson is a father himself to the most beautiful baby boy I’ve ever seen and he was a good father that made some poor mistakes that could cost him the right to ever live life again with his son. I talked to sean weeks before this all happened and he was in tears saying to me how he wanted out of this lifestyle but his current addictions were difficult to cope with unless he got help he feared it would continue. He was crying to me saying he wanted to change and he just wanted to open his own used car dealership where he wanted to employ his younger brothers and make sure to keep them away from this lifestyle. Sean is a great man and now because of something he supposedly did he is taken away from his child and family, also I would like to say that he was the most fair men I’ve ever met he was one to believe everyone should be treated equally, and people that no nothing about him now make him out to be some evil person with no soul it’s you people that I truly feel sorry for like if you were to meet this man or his family you would see that he is not the type of man that would do something like this that he is accused of. I honestly think he deserves another chance at life with the correct help that he needs. I stopped by his family’s house just last month and to pull up and see his little brothers all playing basketball in their driveway it mad me sick to my stomach knowing full well that they might never get to see him again like if this is what you monsters want is to rip apart a family that suffered from domestic abuse for 23 years and just in the past few years overcame these things then you should be hospitalized for mental illness because Sean has a younger brother Timmy who is 8 who cried to me that day and said that he wanted his brother back and his other brothers and sisters all agreed all 7 of them. He deserves to see them not be locked up like some animal that he isn’t. I believe this is the most sad thing that has ever happened he has the nicest family including one older brother who has Downsyndrome and wants to know why his brother who looked after him and protected him for all these years is now being judged so harshly, do you want to explain to him that he might never see his brother again, or how about telling the rest of his family and friends that “Ducky” (Sean’s nickname given to him by his mother when he was a young boy) might be locked away for life in state prison. I believe if the court agreed to reduce his sentence (if he is even found guilty) to just 10 years which is still a long time but at least the court would get what they want to a degree and his family will also get to be reunited with him once again, he would change for the better. He made bad choices but look at his past he was beat until the age of 16 by his own father who is supposed to love him the most out of anyone on this planet and then to deal with the pain and thoughts of all this he turned to Weed which became more serious drugs. I don’t think that he could be possibly blamed for these charges it is sickening to think about his son and how he will grow up fatherless like Sean practically did, this is what leads Men and Women to take up these illegall lives its when their family’s are torn apart and they turn to drugs you must realize what it’s going to be like for his son when he grows up without a dad or for his brothers and sister’s to only see him locked in prison visiting rooms. I feel bad for all of you that think locking him away is a “good” thing you sicken me, and your the real criminals.

  2. mikey says:

    That would be LAHEY Clinic. Who writes this stuff….children?

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