BOSTON (CBS) – A powerful 6.3-magnitude earthquake rocked Christchurch, New Zealand Monday night (local time).

A Foxboro woman who just moved to that country told her story to WBZ-TV.

The quake struck around 7 p.m. local time. Buildings reportedly collapsed, and people were left trapped under the rubble. Cars and tour buses were also crushed by falling debris. It’s not known how many were killed or hurt.

WBZ-TV’s Jonathan Elias reports.

Laura Kastrenos, who moved to Christchurch from Foxboro a month ago, said her home is right next to the city and the damage is everywhere.

“The entire house just shook at its core. Things were flying down, books off shelves, cabinets opening up. Car alarms and house alarms are going off outside, and we looked outside, and there’s just destruction everywhere. There’s fencing down, houses crumbling. The traffic lights are out. Power’s out in a lot of the city. There are people hurt in the city center and the Central Business District (the CBD). There are buildings down,” said Kastrenos, over the phone.

Parks and open areas are now serving as triage centers for those hurt because going into a hospital isn’t safe until the buildings are inspected.

“There are fatalities. They’re reporting now that there’s many, many people injured. My fiance works at the hospital in town, and I guess they’ve had to set up triage areas,” said Kastrenos.

It’s summer in New Zealand, and it’s is the busiest time of year for tourists.

The quake was especially destructive because it hit so close to the surface.


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