Boston (CBS) – After being forced out, members of the Massachusetts parole board take pay based on unused vacation days. Will the outrage never end? Dan Rea shares his thoughts in this commentary. Originally Broadcast February 19th, 2011.

  1. Denise says:

    Please until the goverment rules and regulations are rewritten to make them more in line w/ us common folk – this type of corrupt, money grubbing will continue to go on. We are our own worst enemy – we keep voting the same bozos in!

    there are other issues that make you raise and eyebrow in the way the state does things… for example: The exam to promote the Sgts & Ltnts in your cities and towns was failed by 90% of it’s takers this past october. Was it written to generate revenue? if so it was a HUGE success. Makes you wonder if those officers are that dumb and that makes things scarey – or my opinion is the state wanted the $$ so they wrote the test so not many understood it and those that guessed well – passed… I don’t want the successful GUESSERS protecting me!

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