Have you ever read a statement…..or joke…..whatever….and thought…..”I wish I had said that?”     Here’s one for me.  I wish I had said…..”Facebook is looking to buy Twitter for 10-billion dollars.  If it happens and the two companies combine…..it will be the biggest waste of time the world has ever seen.”     Love it…….from Jay Leno, the rarely funny host of the Tonight Show, just a couple of nights ago.

      Hey did you hear Rod Stewart and his wife had another baby?    True….”Rod” already has six kids through the use or complicity of several other women, but he’s married again (not sure what number to apply to this one) and so far, they’ve knocked out kids numbers 7 and 8 for Rod, who at the age of 66 apparently is still trying to figure out what’s causing all this.

     Here’s another quote I wish I had said……”Where are we going….and why are we in this hand-basket?”   That could apply to so many happenings in the world today and it almost seems you’ve got to stand in line to get through to the numbers of people who do and say stupid things and wonder why we’re  in the hand-basket.

     I mentioned in a blog the other day “No Big Money Ride To Mickey Mouse’ House” that the Governor Florida said “thanks but no thanks” to a federal government offer of 2.4 billion dollars to build a totally useless, unnecessary boondoggle high-speed rail line from Tampa to Orlando.   The Governor said of all Florida’s needs, this isn’t one of them.   He said we don’t need a high-speed rail line between those two cities, it would be money ill-spent and furthermore, this country is yet to build a high-speed rail line anywhere that’s worth its salt and what’s happening now?     The Democrat members of the Florida delegation are rallying the troops to make an end run around Governor Scott and find a way to salvage that 2.4 billion in taxpayer dollars to build the railroad to Mickey Mouse’ house whether we need it or not.   Even Barak’s Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood says he’ll give the Florida delegation another week to figure out a way to get their grubby little hands on that money…so they can spend it.   Please hang on tight to the hand-basket….this may be a bumpy ride.


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