BOSTON (CBS) — Sometime mid-day Thursday something started on Twitter that seemed to be distracting quite a few people from whatever it was they were supposed to be doing.

While the state may have a few well-known slogans — “You Can Make It In Massachusetts” and “The Spirit of Massachusetts is the Spirit of America” – many towns don’t.

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So when Salem announced its new slogan – “Still Making History” – people picked up on it and started suggesting their own slogans for other towns in the Bay State using the hashtag #MATownSlogans.

Some people took into consideration the town’s geography.

Springfield – No we’re not in New York Boston!@CGregz

Pittsfield – Might as well be New York.@CGregz

Holliston: the town next to the town where the marathon starts.@PatsPropaganda

Bourne- we’re the place with the bridges you use on your way to the rest of the Cape.@justinanderson1

Others took justice with business in the towns.

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Wrentham: Up to 75% off retail price!@hoover_dam

Easton- We have a Target now!@WalterGa

Somerville: Home of Marshmallow FLUFF!@IrishRedSox77

Mansfield, Home of GreatWoods, oops, Tweeter Center, nope make that the Comcast Center.@princessbex1981

Burlington: No, we don’t make the coats.@NotSoNiceville

And some just had fun with their suggestions for slogans.

Sandwich, sorry you can’t eat us.@princessbex1981

Sturbridge: You came here for a field trip@NonProfit_Meg

Abington: First to be told they have a snow day!@IrishRedSox77

Yarmouth: Last to be told they have a snow day!@IrishRedSox77

Orange you glad you live in Orange?@carreening

Acushnet…..God bless you!! @Marc06101969

So what’s your suggestion for a town slogan?

Comments (8)
  1. Kayteestinch says:

    Southie: We are our own country, we make our own rules; don’t forget your parking spot saver — @kayteestinch

  2. Ben Bastian says:

    Wakefield: Nowhere near as awesome as Tim Wakefield
    Becket: Just as disappointing as Josh Beckett in 2010, 2008, and 2006
    Ayer: Make me throw my hands in the Ayer, Ay….Ayer. Ayer, Ay…..Ayer
    Berlin: We never had a wall separating East and West.
    Yarmouth Port: Home of the original Christmas Tree Shops…..which has been closed for 4 years
    Sandwich: Bet our name made you hungry!!
    Hyannis Port: JFK used to live here
    Centerville: Home of 4C’s. Not the college, the ice cream shop

  3. Ben Bastian says:

    ^ All above courtesy of @b_bas

  4. Hey PatsPropaganda, way to steal my Holliston line! {IrishRedSox77}

  5. 01608 says:

    Worcester: without the sauce.& NO H

  6. Ron says:

    Allston: We’ve Got More Liquor Stores Than We Do People

    :D – Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

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