Maine Cat Saved From Storm Grate Nightmare

SOUTH BERWICK, Maine (CBS) – She is one cool cat. Literally.

The cat, who according to Seacoast Online is named ‘Boots,’ was found with her head stuck in storm grate in Maine on Thursday morning.

Boots, who had been missing for a week, could have been stuck for at least several hours. When found, the cat was very cold and dehydrated, according to officials at South Berwick Veterinary Hospital.

Officials worked for more than an hour to careful extract the grate from the ground. They brought the grate and cat to the vet hospital, where workers sedated the cat and removed the grate.

According to officers, the cat is doing fine. Hospital workers said she was set to be released from the hospital to her owner by the end of the day.

Comments (4)
  1. ped says:

    that is one lucky cat good thing cats have 9-lives!!

  2. Julie the Jarhead says:

    Oh em gee! Kudos to all to rescued Boots!

  3. Cynic says:

    Now look Boots….I’ve told you a thousand times,Don’t put your head where your whiskers won’t go…Every Cats knows that for crying out loud.

  4. kitty_paws says:

    If you get by whatever in the severage you will desperately try to get out there.
    That’s why animals (even cats) try to get out through a strom grate, even if it’s against their instinct to squeez their heads through those tiny holes. It’s just a desperate attempt to get out of the worser situation which is the severage.

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