MIDDLEBORO (CBS) – “That’s the lowest of the low…bottomfeeders,” says Chris Sergio.  And he’s talking about the in-home health aid who allegedly stole over $30,000 dollars from his elderly parents.

29-year-old Deborah Belcher of East Bridgewater is now facing numerous charges, including theft from an elderly person.

According to Middleboro police, Belcher was in the home for 5 months, caring for the elderly couple three times a week.  The 70-year-old woman has Alzheimer’s, and her husband undergoes kidney dialysis three times a week.

WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields reports from Middleboro.

And during that time, Belcher allegedly stole jewelry and sterling silver flatware.  Sadly, she stole the silverware after she had eaten with it.

“My mother uses the sterling silver everyday, and would often share her dinner with Belcher,” says Sergio, ” and then she would pocket the forks and spoons.  How’s that for gratitude.”

The company that hired Belcher, Home Instead Senior Care, did an extensive background check on her, but found nothing in her background.

Comments (3)
  1. hannah Sareh says:

    Sadly C.O.R.I. checks are very hit and miss. It checks for name and date of birth. Wonder how many Deborah Belchers were born that day. It will randomly select one name and that’s the report you get. A real false sense of security for any agency trusting the C.O.R.I. content.

  2. jaygee says:

    We see this type of behavior all of the time. Trusted individuals taking advantage of those who require day to day assistance. They are not just home care providers but also relatives, lawyers and others who act as caring friends when in reality they are just doing it for one big payday.

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