ARLINGTON (CBS) – The high temperature in many areas across the Bay State on Thursday was around a 50 degrees, and thoughts of our last storm are melting away with those mounds of snow.

But, two weeks later, Arlington is one of the few towns still enforcing a parking ban.

Slow snow removal means park at your own risk for residents and visitors.

WBZ-TV’s Alana Gomez reports.

“I know that the town’s stressed economically, so I understand that and there’s a lot of snow. So, they’re doing the best they can. It’s just difficult for all the residents to figure out where to park and where not to park,” said Karen Connors of Arlington.

In some spots across the town, signs are posted to inform residents where not to park. In other places, however, it’s not so obvious.

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Some blank snow banks are still parking ban territory.

“For visitors, I suppose it could be frustrating. The signs on Mass. Ave. just says to consult the town website, but I guess a visitor really would have no idea know how to do that,” said Paul Weiss of Arlington.

DPW crews said the delayed cleanup is due to a tight budget and low staffing, but they said they were doing their best with the resources they have.

“They have a lot of streets to do, what can I say,” said Weiss.

Arlington officials hope to lift the parking ban by Friday, but said to make sure, keep checking the town website.

The town started with a $500,000 snow removal budget, and that is now up to $1.25 million.

  1. Cynic says:

    They had better have that Snow removed before it melts.

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