By Peg Rusconi, WBZ-TV

WILMINGTON (CBS) — She moves around nimbly with her dog Moxie, but on Wednesday, Kelly McDermott identifies more closely with a cat. As in, nine lives.

“I can’t believe I made it. I literally thought I was going to die,” said McDermott.

WBZ-TV’s Peg Rusconi reports.

She survived a spectacular crash Tuesday in which her vehicle jumped a snow bank and guardrail on Route 129 in Wilmington and fell two stories below.

“I felt like I was flying, I went that high up in the air. I went up and then down. I think I counted twice that I spun and landed on all fours like a cat.” On train tracks.

wilmington crash Wilmington Driver Recounts Harrowing Crash Off Bridge

A car went off a bridge in Wilmington and landed on train tracks.

She says she scrambled out of the car with someone’s help. She was evaluated at a local hospital, and amazingly, a quarter inch cut on her forehead seems to be her only injury.

Her life was likely saved by her seatbelt. “I was upside down at one point. I remember that, because that scared me so much. I’d wear my seatbelt if I was driving from here to the corner. It’s just something I do. And the officer said, ‘That saved your life.’”

McDermott says she isn’t sure what went wrong, only that before the crash, and a short time earlier during her drive, her car suddenly started pulling in one direction, out of her control.

Comments (9)
  1. alice says:

    Texting of on the cell phone….which caused it?

  2. john says:

    alice and mack, two immature individuals…..

  3. jaygee says:

    She was given a ticket for a lane change violation and couldn’t explain what happened. Of course, the vehicle will receive the blame but then it will be found that there was nothing wrong with the vehicle. Simply another case of someone driving a 3,000 pound vehicle who was distracted. Any bets?

  4. E says:

    Pretty ridiculous that people have nothing better to do than make idiotic comments. She’s very lucky to be alive no matter what the cause. Get a life and stop making stupid childish comments about a person who was almost killed. I am willing to bet you’re guilty of using the phone while driving and mack seriously? i bet you a miserable person that has absolutely no fashion sense sitting at home alone wondering why you have no friends stuffing your face with ding dongs making comment on sites where no one knows you.

    1. blackbear1 says:

      I don’t care what kind of high and mighty comments you make to previous posters, but I also would still like to know what happened. There has got to be more to this. You are the one who needs to lose the silly talk. If you haven’t noticed, it is not exactly a “Lovefest” out there on the roads. We got a style with no substance story here.

  5. Al says:

    Keep your nasty comments to yourself. There was no cell!



    1. MaryC says:

      I agree Gail. That’s what is wrong with the country, people don’t care about other people anymore. Making nasty comments when they don’t know the person, I am sure if it were a family member of one of them they wouldn’t be so quick to judge. I am greatful Kelly is okay and it was a miracle.

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