BOSTON (CBS) – A leading consumer group is pushing the FDA to ban caramel food coloring chemicals because of concerns they could cause cancer.

The Center For Science In the Public Interest said studies have shown that the two chemicals, which are commonly used in soda and other foods, have been shown to cause cancer in animals.

Some experts worry the chemicals could pose a similar risk in people.

The companies claim that the chemicals are safe for people.

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  1. Ron says:

    Thank you for this article in which you attempt to legitimize a known source of junk science. CSPI is a joke, please start running stories from the Tin Foil Hat Club about alien abductions if you’re going to pass this off as news.

    1. Cynic says:

      Ron…don’t be too hard on the Media…They have a standard “It’s Going To Kill Us All Story” that needs be run on a Schedule.This week it is food coloring,last week it was energy drinks,next week it will be something else. These articles don’t mean anything it is just something they have to do. It is part of the News formular,So Many fires,murders,car accidents etc..”Second Hand Smoke “had a long and sucessful run but interest in that is waning so the hunt is on for a replacement.

  2. Jessica says:

    According to the news, nothing is safe. How much research money went into this as opposed to finding a cure for other cancers that we pretty much know did not come from soda?

  3. thecleang says:

    Interestingly enough, Jessica, you’re right. Nothing is safe according to the media, then again there’s more truth to it than meets the eye. There is so very much of this type of reporting, without enough depth to content that it’s passed off. No more money really need be spent on looking for cures for cancer. There are plenty of cures out there, and the best ones are lifestyle choices. Then again, we won’t hear much about this because there is little to no money in it, and it’s not a cookie cutter solution. If it can’t be patented, then they’re not going to promote it. Follow the money and the truth is revealed quite clearly. I find it sickening that the American Cancer Society is the wealthiest non-profit in the world, yet they refuse to promote REAL ways of true prevention and reversal of cancer. The information and science is out there – it just won’t make the mega drug industry money, so they work to discredit it. It’s all about profit.

    The reality is that the news is driven by corporate interests, NOT the interest of actually informing the public with truth.

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