As I said to the lady in the hospital emergency room two weeks ago…..”don’t you know who I think I am?”   Actually I didn’t really say that, but after waiting….in the emergency room…..for four and a half hours…..It sure is a good thing it wasn’t an emergency, for me or anyone else or there would have been bodies lying all over the floor.   In Massachusetts, I would have been treated that day, the MRI would have followed within 24-hours, the results would have been read that afternoon and I’d be in treatment forthwith.    No these folks had no idea who I thought I was.  I could have been Donald Trump, but here we are two weeks later, I still haven’t got an appointment with a real doctor and Southern justice prevails.

Speaking of Donald Trump, he’s serious about maybe running for President.  Please tell me that’s a joke from the Letterman show.

Speaking of the President, did you happen to catch his news conference today? (Tues.)  Tom Bergeron has never seen that much dancing at one time, in one show.   Barack’s hems and haws, stutterin’ and stammerin…aah…..aah….aah……umm….umm…dancin’ and shufflin’ his way through routine questions almost made Barney Frank and Tommy Menino sound like speech therapists.   Man, am I a major league name-dropper or what……..        Oh, try this one….Bill O’Reilly.   We all know who Bill thinks he really is and I found it quite refreshing, he had to go all the way to Washington for his interview with Barack Obama.   The White House was the only building with a room big enough to accommodate those two egos…at the same time.   Well done…both of you.

Regis Philbin on retirement.    Good call Regis.  About a year too late, but good call.    But then again….I’ve been suggesting for a few years now that it was time for Larry (lap dog) King to cash in.  Larry finally pulled the plug but I’ve got to say, I’ll take good ole Larry King seven nights a week..rather than 5-minutes with that pompous donkey Piers Morgan.   What is a Piers anyway, other than a no-talent  Brit who in my opinion, doesn’t deserve five minutes of “air” time in this country.   Go home Piers!

Have I name-dropped Lady Gaga yet?  How ’bout Justin Bieber?  Bill Russell…Yo-Yo Ma…Donald Rumsfeld???

I’m going to go take a chill-pill.

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  1. Bob B says:

    While your’e at it, how about that no talent bimbo that mangled our national anthem before the super bowl….whoops, when I’ve already forgot her name, I guess it’s not name dropping…whatever

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