By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – It was men versus machine Monday night on Jeopardy, as two former champions squared off against a computer.

The machine, named Watson, was programmed to compete on the show.

It was only Round 1 of a three-night test to see if mere mortals can keep pace with a high-tech super-brain. But, the science fiction buffs among us can’t help wondering: if they conquer Jeopardy, can world domination by computers be far behind?

WBZ’s Jon Keller is at large.

Watch Watson compete on Jeopardy on Tuesday and Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. on WBZ-TV.

Comments (8)
  1. SemiAnon says:

    “Can Jeopardy’s Watson Be Springboard For Computer Domination?”

    I’m disappointed, but not surprised, by how this story was framed. Talk about missing the forest for the trees! The potential applications of this technology are huge. And don’t chalk it up as an IBM stunt, either. Numerous academics were involved in the research process. This has impact.

    And for journalists:'s_Law_of_Headlines

    1. BostonIrish says:

      “Talk about missing the forest for the trees”? What they’re attempting to do down the road is develop an actual “computer person”. When they finally achieve a program that has independent “conscience”, what then? This is eerily similar to genetic splicing in that it has the potential of creating something that after, you can’t undo. But that will never happen.

  2. mikey says:

    Computers already dominate our society – it’s called addiction.

  3. Cynic says:

    I’m not quite sure how I should respond to this. Let me go see what my computer thinks of it.

  4. KathyD says:

    I watched Nova last week on PBS and found it very creepy that Watson’s inventors referred to the computer as “he”. Ummm, kids, it’s an inanimate object.

    And maybe it’s commone knowledge, but I found it eerie that IBM was the one creating Watson. In “2001: A Space Odyssey”, the name HAL was derived by subtracting one letter from each of these letters: I B M.

    1. Cynic says:

      Wouldn’t it be funny if Watson goes berserk and takes over the studio?

  5. emom says:

    I am thinking we need will smith cause these things will create more and oh god watch out,,, I- ROBOT…. we are moving closer every year.,.. japan has already created an android type robot,, its amazing so wonder how long it will take before we start seeing them walking amongst us

  6. taxedout says:

    I wish WATSON was running the country, couldn’t be any worse than the Morons we got now!!!!

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