WINCHESTER (CBS) – A Winchester firefighter has been arrested on illegal weapons possession charges.

Police arrested John Tavares after finding a gun and ammunition at his home.

Tavares had his gun license suspended last year after a restraining order was filed against him, and at that time he turned over 15 weapons.

Comments (4)
  1. emom says:

    Why are there so many crooked, bogus, theiving, sceeming fireman and you know who else,,,,,,, How in the world can they expect US to respect the lot of them when this kind of stuff happens,,, I know its not all , But come on its been alot lately and frankly I AM VERY SICK OF THIS…. I do hope they throw the book at this guy and well FIRE HIM>>.. tired of reading about these kinds of people,,, Guns, assult, drugs, tax evassion, WHAT GIVES…… 15 weapons is a bit much especiially ILLEGALLY<<<WHAT IS HE AN IMMIGRANT WEAPON HOLDER…… GEEE

    1. patriot says:

      emom, nevermind the child rapist, murderers, crooked politicians, child molestors, etc…You have a beef with this guy??? save your stupid comments for real criminals.

  2. jak says:

    Then you got the Robo Cops…I got a ticket for spiting my gum out the window. Don’t ya think they have better things to do?

  3. Todd says:

    Came out of court saw the fire chief picking him up what a corrupt system they must be friends did not dawn on me till I saw it on the news great WInchester all corrupt and no balls glad I live in Woburn

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