BOSTON (CBS) – This is big business. Billions are spent looking for a date or a mate. There are over 40 million singles looking for each other.

In doing some research I found several websites that rank the dating sites so I didn’t have to. First one; the top 10 dating sites. The second site; the top 5 dating sites for 2011.

And the top four on both sites were the same, with 29 million users costing about $26 a month, with 15 million users with a price tag of $50 a month, with over 7 million costing $60 and fourth place was eHarmony with over 7 million singles costing about $60. All become cheaper the longer your membership goes on. is the most popular site for dating and the largest. My son met his wife using this site, as did several of his friends. So I guess I have them to thank for my granddaughter! They claim to have members in 37 countries and offer six months of free membership if you do not hook up in the first 6 months. is not one I had heard of until I started this research. It is an offshoot of and much like eHarmony in that you take a test to see whom you would have chemistry with. They claim to be a safe site with no one getting access to the site unless they are a member. also uses a profile compatibility test to find your soul mate. But when I tried to maneuver within their site, I had problems. They would not let me log off and I had to turn off the computer to get out of the site.

Coming in fourth was eHarmony. They claim to be responsible for 2% of all weddings that take place in the US. You will need to fill out a lengthy questionnaire and I do believe if everyone was honest in filling out the questionnaire there would be even more marriages. But people tend to embellish when writing about themselves.

If those don’t work there are many more to choose from. Some of them are scary like Meet an Inmate or Sugar

There is the Spark Networks which really is a network of targeted sites for singles. I said this was big business, 5 years ago on Valentine’s Day this company went public with the symbol LOV.

They offer a dating site for Jewish singles, American singles, Silver singles, Black singles, Latter Day Saint singles, Military singles, Single Parent singles, Catholic singles, College singles, More to Love singles, Single Parents Mingle, Single Seniors Meet, Christian singles.

Try 100 best dating sites. Most are free. There are definitely some very strange criteria for love these days!

Then I found for “large lovers and the men and women who love them”. Here at least people can be honest about what they look like and who they are.

I found where you post a picture of yourself and one of your pet. Maybe you will both find true love or at last someone to take long walks on the beach with.

If your type is Abby or McGee on NCIS then I found the place for you also. It’s Geek 2 geek.

I also discovered; you guessed it for farmers only. Not many listings for New England! First month is free and they have over 100,000 farmers or wannabe farmers listed!

If you want to check someone out before dating begins you can go to, which will pre-screens users.

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  1. emom says:

    What ever happened to just meeting folks, like at group gatherings, getting involved in church, gee why the fuss over selling yourslef to find true love, it could be right in front of you and you are to blinded by the glamor and hype of meeting people ,,, especially those that could be weirdos or worst,,, I met my hubby at where we worked, and 20 years later I still love him, I never resorted to what they do today,,, and never picked up anyone at bars either, but met the old fashion way,,, try it it could be great.,…

  2. Sandy says:

    You could also try looking at, there are a lot of articles on dating advice and site reviews there!

  3. Archana Rawat says:

    Yes.. I got your view but I always go for more… I went to and it is something far better which I considered.. The one which u suggested gave me some details about what I was looking for.. anyways.. keep searching for more.. If I found any more interesting sites I would let you guys know..

  4. A great website to have a look at and review dating sites is . If you are llok to register with a dating site it is worth having a look at before wasting money on a site that may not suit you.

  5. Dan says:

    Lots of sites reel you in with fake promises so you stump up the contact fee. Thats why I use a free dating site

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