BOSTON (CBS) – Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli has made it clear Boston will be active at the NHL trade deadline.

With cap space, a coveted first round draft pick and some movable pieces, Chiarelli said the Bruins are in decent shape leading up to the February 28th deadline.

“In the real world, I’d like to add without subtracting,” Chiarelli said on his weekly call into 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher and Rich.

One way to do that is creating a package around Toronto’s first round pick, acquired in the Phil Kessel trade. Last year the Bruins received the second overall pick from Toronto, used to select Tyler Seguin.

Any deal involving the pick would have to bring in a big-name talent.

“It’s a valuable pick so it would have to be a valuable asset coming back,” Chiarelli said.

Although he would not get into any specifics, Chiarelli told T&R there is currently a deal on the table involving the draft pick, but nothing is imminent. With three weeks left until the deadline, other deals could soon find their way to the table as well.

“Right now prices are very high, because its three weeks before,” Chiarelli said. “Look at the West standings, they’re so tight. The East is tight too, just not as tight. There’s not a lot of sellers right now.”

Listen To Peter Chiarelli Talk Deadline Deals On Toucher and Rich

Tuesday on Felger and Massarotti, team President Cam Neely also reiterated the Bruins would be active leading up to the deadline.

“I think we’re going to look at anything we feel we can do to make our club better going into the postseason,” Neely said. “We have a really strong hockey team that we’d like to improve in a few areas. If it makes sense for us, we’ll do anything.”

This is a very different stance for the Bruins, who are not known for adding impact players at the trade deadline.

Wednesday Night’s Canadiens-Bruins game can be heard on 98.5 The Sports Hub with pre-game coverage starting at 6:30 p.m.

  1. Eric says:

    Peter: please don’t trade the pick…in fact please do not trade any more 1st round draft picks ever again…If you had kept the 15th pick from last year, you probably could have moved up (by trading a high 2nd round pick) to get Cam Fowler. Good GM’s DO NOT trade 1st round draft picks. Harry Sinden only traded away one 1st round pick in his entire tenure as B’s GM,…He traded for 5 1st round picks. Mike O’Connel on the other hand traded away 3 1st round picks. The picks that O’Connel traded away cost the Bruins the chance to get, either Robyn Regehr or Simon Gagne in 1998. It cost them the chance to get Mike Green in 2004, and it cost them the chance to get either Ryan Getzlaf or Zach Parise in 2003. It does not make sense to trade away a potential all star or even a franchise player just to go one more round deeper into the playoffs. If you trade one of the first round picks you will be showing us conclusively that all the Bruins want to do is make lots of money by going deep into the playoffs (without winning a Stanley cup) and have no interest in building a consistent Stanley Cup contender that will have a realistic chance at a cup for years. Real championship teams are built through the draft…as with the 1980’s NY Islanders, 1990’s (and current) Pittsburgh Penguins, and the current Washington Capitals…That is the way to build a championship team…not by trading for rent-a-players. You have a great chance to get a potential all star player with that Toronto pick. GOOD GM’S DO NOT TRADE AWAY 1ST ROUND DRAFT PICKS. If it means trading that pick to go one round deeper into the playoffs YOU SHOULD STAND PAT! Realistically the Bruins are 2-3 all star level players away from contending for the cup anyway. They need a puck moving D-Man, a goal scorer on the wing who can CONSISTENTLY score 40+ goals, and an all star level 1st line center which they may or may not have in Seguin. They are not going to be able to get all of those things by the trade deadline or by trading 1st round picks. So they should continue to build a team that will have a chance to contend for years.

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