WESTFORD (CBS) – A car rolled over into the median on I495 in Westford on Wednesday.

The crash happened at around 4:30 p.m., leaving the driver trapped inside the vehicle.

Traffic was expected to be backed up through the evening commute.

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  1. Thomas Hood says:

    North or South? Useless article.

  2. william choquette says:

    i (bill) was one of the first onseen, and seen this horrific rollover.it appeared that this vehicle was struck or cut off by another vehicle ,traveling in the same direction. i was approx. 8-10 car lengths behind this vehicle in traffic,when all of a sudden this vehicle veered into the tall snow bank on the left side of 495 no.the vehicle the flipped,and then rolled over several times before coming to a rest, on its inthe snow ,up against a tree on its passenger side. i immediately stopped my utility body truck, got out and dove over the snow bank and ran through the deep snow to help person or people trapped inside vehicle. when igot to the vehicle the rear window was blown out of the car and iwas able to see into the vehicle. i then saw a man still strapped into the drivers seat,clenching the steering wheel to hold him self up. i asked the man if he was ok. he stated yes , please get me out of here. there were others there that came to the aid of this man, and managed to get the drivers side door open.i then climbed up onto the car and propped the door open with a branch from the tree. i then asked the man if he had any pain anywhere? he said i hurt all over and where am i bleeding from? he had a small cut on his hand,but otherwise seemed okay.i told him to remain still that emergency help was on its way.i asked the man a couple of questions to keep him alert until hellp got there.i asked him his name,he stated howey/howard. other passerbys aswell as i then tied rope around tree and then to cars chassey,to prevent it from rolling back onto roof.then the first emergency personel arrived.local police being the first followed by fire rescue then state police.when fire dept. came ,i requested the bring some blankets to cover the man to prevent him from going into shock,and hypothermia. i then got the blankets and un folded them and covered the man up.before getting down out of yhe way,i said to howey good luck your in good hands now andeverthing is going to be allright.he looked up at me and said thankyou for stopping. my work there was still not finished. i then proceeded to help the fire dept. shovel apath through the snow bank to the mans car to clear the way for emergency personel to carry him out. iwould like to leave by saying to everyone who stopped to help,thank you all! its nice to know that there are still some nice people in this crazy world we live in.

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