READING (AP) — The son of a man who was convicted of beating another man to death during their sons’ hockey scrimmage has been arrested in an armed home invasion.

Quinlan Junta, accompanied by an attorney, turned himself in Tuesday to Reading police after a warrant was issued charging him with home invasion, armed robbery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and conspiracy to commit a crime.

Junta’s father, Thomas Junta, was released from prison in August after serving eight years on manslaughter charges in the beating death of Michael Costin. The two men fought after Junta objected to rough play during a practice Costin was supervising. The case drew widespread attention to the problem of parental violence at youth sporting events.

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Comments (6)
  1. Cynic says:

    What does one have to do with the other?

  2. Mr. Bippy says:

    Hockey = Armed invasions?

  3. ccruser says:

    apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

  4. jaygee says:

    His second felony arrest in six months. Very promising future for Mr.Junta.

  5. Peter says:

    HIS second felony arrest in six months? Junta’s SON is who they are talking about. Tom Junta was sent to prison for having a fist fight with a man that attacked him. Had Costin not died during a freak accident in this altercation that he himself intiated, he would have been the one arrested. You think it is ok for someone to just charge you and start throwing punches and not defend yourself? That is all Junta did. The fact that he lost nearly a decade of his life behind bars for doing nothing more than anyone else would have done in the same situation is appalling.

    As for the “apple not far from the tree”? Are you for real? Tom Junta defended himself as he was attacked by a man who clearly did not know that hitting someone can often result in being hit back. Have ANY of you ever been attacked? If you ever think about attacking someone else the way Costin did, a word of advice, do not swing on someone that is at least twice your size.

    Junta’s son was arrested for a HOME INVASION, assault with a dangerous weapon, armed robbery and conspiracy to commit a crime. PLEASE tell me how that warrants the comment of an apple not falling far from the tree… If you can read that, and think that the two situations are in any way similar, I want to know how you arrive at that absurd conclusion.

    As I stated earlier, had Costin not gone beserk and had he not attacked Junta, he would still be alive I can tell you that much. Had Costin not died in the fight that he himself started, Tom Junta would have been home raisig his son and not sitting behind bars for nearly ten years.

    One final word, if you ever decide to start a fistfight with someone, I suggest you do not start one with a person twice your own size. The fine line between Junta being behind bars and not Costin was that Costin died. Try as best as you can to realize that the person who throws the first punch, is the person that gets arrested. Defending yourself from a crime is not illegal the last time I checked.

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