BARNSTABLE (CBS) – Police arrested a man on Tuesday night accused of kidnapping a disabled woman and then leaving her in a deserted trailer last month.

Officers said 39-year-old Phillip DePasquale was driving a stolen car when he struck a Barnstable police cruiser at around 9 p.m. He refused to stop his vehicle and while evading police, he crashed into a tree. He was then taken into custody.

Police said DePasquale forced a 27-year-old woman, who is developmentally disabled, to take money from an ATM before leaving her tied up in a bad snow storm in late January. A family acquaintance, DePasquale gained the woman’s trust and convinced her to go for a ride with him, police said.

WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager reports.

DePasquale and the victim were in her car and drove at least 30 miles from Hopkinton to Oxford, where police said DePasquale brought her into an old, abandoned RV.

By the time she got to police, the woman’s worried mother had been looking for her for a full 24 hours. Police said when they got to the victim, she was shaking and cold. EMT’s checked her before her mother took her to the hospital. Police said it appears she was not seriously hurt.

Police believe DePasquale left oxford that night for Worcester, which is where they later found the woman’s car.

DePasquale has a long criminal history, and only recently got out of prison on a manslaughter charge, police said.

He is expected to be arraigned Wednesday morning at Barnstable District Court. Officials also said that he will eventually face charges in Worcester as well.

Comments (4)
  1. Bruce says:

    I didn’t see anything about bail…well if he was recently released from jail he should be on some sort of probabtion so no bail should be a no brainer…I hope. Put him away and toss the key away. Unfortunately, the liberal Mass judges won’t look at it that way

  2. taxedout says:

    Another parole board mistake???? Career criminals should Not be let out…How many Strikes does it take before they are put away for good???? Like 8 time drunk drivers in this state, the legislatuture can’t seem to find the time to do anything about these issues…Oh wait they only meet a couple of hours a week, sorry I forgot!!!!

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