By CURT ANDERSON, AP Legal Affairs Writer

MIAMI (AP) — A former FBI agent is appealing his second-degree murder conviction in the 1982 mob-related slaying of a gambling executive in Miami.

A state appeals court Tuesday will hear the case of 70-year old John Connolly, who was convicted in 2008 in the shooting death of former World Jai-Alai President John Callahan.

Prosecutors say Connolly gave Boston mobsters information that led to the hit. Connolly was sentenced to 40 years in the Florida case. He is scheduled to complete a federal racketeering sentence in June.

Connolly’s attorneys argue a 1982 Florida statute of limitations on second-degree murder expired because Connolly never handled the murder weapon. Prosecutors contend Connolly was armed when he tipped the mobsters about Callahan.

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  1. John Joseph Grimes says:

    You can’t blame him for trying but his main problem is that he is a compulsive liar and accomplice to more than 1 murder. Connolly disgraced the FBI (along with a few others) and deserves exactly what he got. He took money but claims he didn’t. He gave information to the bad guys that resulted in executions of totally innocent people but claims he didn’t. Oh well, he won’t be walking around in those $1,000 suits anymore.

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