By Paula Ebben, WBZ-TVBy Paula Ebben

BOSTON (CBS) – Uggs, and boots that look like them, are a fashion must for most women today.

By all accounts, they’re comfortable and warm. But some women are experiencing foot problems after wearing them.

One woman told us she loves her Uggs because they keep her feet “ridiculously warm.” Another said they are very comfortable and she can wear them when she feels lazy.

WBZ-TV’s Paula Ebben reports.

Uggs started the trend of the fur lined and flat footed boot, but now there are all kinds of similar styles on the market.

Dr. Neil Frankel, a podiatrist, says that some women are now getting too much of a good thing, however. “Because they are standing on them for long periods of time, they’re getting foot strain, tendon sprain.”

Doctor Frankel says, on average, he sees about two patients a week who come to him with injuries caused by this style of boot.

“They’re coming in with swelling, inflammation, and difficulty in standing and basically they realize it’s because of the shoe,” said Frankel.

The most common problems occur in people with flat feet, which is about 20%-30% of the population.

People can be born with flat feet, or they develop them later in life due to obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, or arthritis.

Strains and pains from wearing these boots might not show up until the next day, or even weeks later.

One woman said the boots “sometimes hurt my feet because I walk so much in the city.”

Another problem can develop from walking inside as well. Some women keep these boots on all day long, and they cause the feet to get too hot.

“They’re getting what’s called hyperhydrosis,” explained Dr. Frankel. “It’s an excessive amount of sweating that occurs on the feet because they’re just not getting enough air.”

The result can be fungal infections on the feet, and between the toes.

Dr. Frankel advises his patients to “let the boots air out and not wear them every day.”

Common treatments when problems due occur are ice and an anti-inflammatory. In severe cases, physical therapy may be necessary.

Another option is to try adding an arch support.

Comments (13)
  1. bagbalm says:

    So wearing uggs/flats are bad for you, and wearing heals would also be bad for you too.Give me a break!

  2. Julie Wellman says:

    Here’s an idea…Take them off! Stading barefoot in your kitchen all day while baking is bad for your feet too. User error, not product is the issue here.

  3. Janice Guazzo says:

    I cannot wear any flat shoes because of heel spurs. They were caused by high heels back in the 90’s…lol so now I can only wear good support shoes/sneakers and if not I need arch supports and heel cups. Trust me you do not want this to happen to you so go easy on your UGGs and get some arch inserts if you wear them often. :-)

  4. nmb says:

    My oldest daughter wears uggs and cheap old navy flips year round. She was diagnosed with plantar facitis (sp?) around 13 years old. she now has to wear orthotics and has to limit sports i.e. soccer, etc. My younger daughter now 13 is complaining of similiar pain.. Invest in good pair of arch suppports for uggs.

  5. Jenn says:

    Everything in moderation!

  6. ddc says:

    Can’t stand uggs. They are uncomfortable, and ugly too

  7. emom says:

    Just because3 it’s the new IT thing in style,, doesnt always mean its a good thing to wear,,, Why are people SLAVES to fashion,.,, what fools ,,, to buy something all because someone at some point CONVINCED you to buy it,,, gee,, wait 10 years and there will be a lawsuit over the lack of them telling you they ruined your feet,,, WAIT FOR IT,,, IT WILL COME,, IT ALWAYS DOES… BIGGER FOOLS…..

  8. Kat says:

    It is not rocket science, everything is bad for you at some point, so moderation is the key with anything. You dont decide you want to lose weight then go eat a supersized value meal at mcdonalds or burger king every day, you dont wear shoes that have no shock absorbancy or arch support every day either unless you want to have a problem. You can try to sue the company, but you are ultimately the one that wore them and chose to wear them even when they caused you pain or discomfort, thats your bad not the company that made them. Its common sense people, get a life and stop trying to find someone to blame when the person to blame is only yourself.

  9. Kat says:

    One more thing.. maybe the company that makes em should sue the people wearing them this much for their stupidity.

  10. Nouala says:

    I have plantar fascittis, and didn’t even dare trying the uggs cause they don’t have arch support. BUT! I saw the other day at a nordstrom store that they make superfeet insoles (I use them in all my shoes) with sheepskin. I thins that’s an amazing idea. You should be aware that wearing flat shoes, or shoes with bad support and standing for a long time could lead you to bad foot problems. So get the right insole for support, and a cosy pair of UGG boots for warmth, and the workd coudnlt be better. (this is what I’m planing to do :)

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