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BOSTON (CBS) – Following the Marc Savard press conference Monday, Bruins Assistant captain Mark Recchi addressed the media swirl around defenseman Andrew Ference.

Mark Recchi Responds To Andrew Ference’s Comments

Ference wasn’t too pleased with teammate Daniel Paille’s hit on Dallas rookie Ray Sawada which resulted in a four-game suspension for Paille. Here’s what Ference said, per ESPNBoston.com:

“I mean it’s a bad hit, right? That’s what they’re trying to get rid of and you can’t be hypocritical about it when it happens to you, and say it’s fine when your teammate does it. It’s a hit they’re trying to get rid of. I mean you hear it from every player after they do it, they feel bad, and same thing, I talked to Danny and he feels bad. It’s tough, that backchecking forward, to make those kind of hits, it’s so hard to do it in a clean fashion, with the new rules. It is what it is. He hurt the guy, and I’m sure he’ll have a conversation.”

Those comments caused quite a stir around the NHL. Paille addressed the issue last Friday after practice:

“If that’s what they see that’s their opinion, but for me, I felt that it was a clean hit. It’s too bad. I thought for sure there’d be….I know most of the guys in the room would disagree to that and for those that didn’t, I mean, it’s understandable…. but I know a lot of the guys on the team know me and understand me and agree with me.”

On “Hockey Night in Canada”, Don Cherry ripped Ference:

“The guy that got me on this whole thing was Ference. I don’t care if your teammate is an ax murderer. What you’ve got to say to the guy, you tell him in the dressing room. You tell him that was a dirty hit.”

Meanwhile, Here’s what Mark Recchi had to say about what was swirling around the locker room:

“It’s a tough one. We’re trying take those hits away from the game. As Andy said, you can’t really be hypocritical because it’s your teammate. We all know Danny Paille. He’s the nicest guy in the world and would never intentionally hurt anybody. It’s just one of those hits, as players, you have to learn to avoid. Andrew’s our teammate, they’re great teammates.”

“It’s unfortunate he’s taking the heat for this. Andrew’s a great teammate, he’s been great to all of us. He’d have Danny’s back any day.”


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