By Bill Shields

DEDHAM (CBS) – The Dedham Mall shut down at least eight stores Monday morning because of concerns over heavy snow on the roof.

The fire department was called into Sears and Toys R Us around 9 a.m. after employees found sagging spots in the ceiling.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports

“(There is) some deflection in the bar joists in the roof inside of Sears.  Some of the sprinkler heads were actually hanging a little lower than normal.  Right now we’ve brought in a structural engineer to assess the condition of the building,” Dedham Fire Chief Bill Cullinane told WBZ-TV.

WBZ-TV’s Kate Merrill reports.

In some places on the roof, there’s five feet of snow, Cullinane added.

Authorities also suspect there may be natural gas lines up there.  NStar is testing the air for possible leaks as a precaution.

Both stores, an Old Navy and five smaller businesses were closed until a large crane can be brought in and clear the snow off the roof.

Nothing has collapsed and no one was hurt.

There were no customers in the stores at the time.  The mall doesn’t open to the public until 10 a.m.

A Lowe’s connected to the closed stores remains open.

  1. Thomas Hood says:

    What’s “defelction”

    Proof this cr@p before you post it please!

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