Curious About Tax on Water?

By Ken Tucci, WBZ-TV
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Recently I was charged sales tax for a bottle of water at Logan Airport.  When I stated there is no sales tax in Massachusetts on water I was told “not in Massachusetts, but there is one here at the airport!”  How is that possible?  – Marcia, Methuen

It’s not possible….at least the part about the airport somehow being a special place that can charge tax on whatever it wants.  However, it is VERY possible to be charged tax on a bottle of water.  Not sales tax, but meals tax

If you buy that water at a restaurant, or one of those food stands at the airport that sells sandwiches, drinks, etc, the water should be subject to the meals tax.  Since the airport is in Boston the meals tax would be 7% because Boston has added three-quarters of a percent onto the regular 6.25% meals tax as a local option.

If you buy the bottle of water at a grocery store…no tax.

I checked with Marcia and she told me she purchased the water “at one of those stands at the gate.”  So it’s the meals tax.  Sorry, Marcia.

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