BOSTON (CBS) – To get you ready for your big football party, the Phantom Gourmet is sampling salt and vinegar potato chips.

The four crispy contenders were Cape Cod, Kettle, Lays, and Utz. Who took the prize?

Phantom reveals his choice.

Comments (5)
  1. emom says:

    I will agree with this since I love UTZ chips, they have many flavors and are so good, however, I do love many flavors of capecod, Sour cream and cheddar are real good,. Oh and utz can be much cheaper than the rest, watch for those sales, what a bargain………

  2. msw says:

    I agree, all the flavors of UTZ chips I’ve tried are yummy.

  3. emom says:

    WISE,, UCK , they are burnt, flavorless and greasy and way to salty,,,,, Utz are light crispy just the right amount flavot and salt, and there salt and vinigar are real good, Still love Cape Cod chips , but utz is great cause the price is awaesome……. try their new rustic ones so good.

  4. roargoDuG says:

    iemacijusies daudz

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