By Meteorologist Joe Joyce, WBZ-TV

Well, it turns out this week was a whole lot of talk for nothing. Much of the public is expecting snow this weekend and will be suprised to find only rain. What once looked like a deepening low over Cape Cod for tonight with a change to snow.. ..has trended further west and now a warmer and wetter solution can be expected through the evening hours.

Still a winter weather advisory is up for Northern, Central, and Western New England through 5 AM tomorrow for pockets of freezing rain, sleet and light accumulating snow…which will likely not amount to much this evening.

A light mix of snow/sleet/frz rain is already pushing towards CT and West MA this morning. A few icy spots are possible in this light mix with temps cold in the teens in the western valleys. A few snow showers push towards the coast. Plenty of clouds in place with brighter skies to the north. Highs will be in the 30’s to near 40 degrees both weekend days.

Deepening low pressure will lifting towards Pennsylvania southern New England later this afternoon and evening. This further inland and westward track will yield mostly rain for most of us…from eastern MA, SE NH, RI. Pockets of freezing rain will be found in CT, Western MA in the Pioneer Valley, Northern Worcester  to SNH this afternoon. This ice line will shift north into southern VT and SW NH during the evening hours with most changing to rain tonight in the south.

A solid .50″-1″ of rain is likely and this water will easily be absorbed by the snow pack to only become heavier and add more stress to the rooftops.  As the storm deepens over us tonight and pulls away, a change over to snow will occur mainly after midnight..with northern New England having the best chance of any substantial snowfall. SNH could see 1-2″ with N. MA a coating to an 1″ at best as the storm departs.  North of the Lakes region will remain all snow. Northern ski areas will wake tomorrow morning with 6-12″ of new snow on the ground! Sunshine returns tomorrow to save the weekned with temps remaining comfortable into Monday with fair weather and highs 35-40.

A cold active week of weather lies ahead. We are tracking two different disturbances colder air from Canada will once again invade a good portion of the nation. Tuesday’s low is a clipper in the Northern plains which tries to phase with moisture/energy coming out of the Gulf. It may develop just a bit too late and beyond our latitude to give us anything major…some light snow is likely on Tuesday. We will have to watch this one…as the Euro is showing a bit more phasing and strengthening just close enough for heavier snowfall…especially in Northen and Central New England as the low tracks right over us again. Should it develop a bit earlier, this could mean a heavier snowfall. It is a real close call. There is the potential for a few inches of snow for now with a mix likely at the coast.

Behind  this,   another massive arctic air mass is going to plunge  out of Western Canada down the east side of the Rockies and the Plains and once again  move into the Deep South by February 9 – 10.

In doing so both the European and the  GFS are taking a piece of energy in the jet stream and trying to develop some sort of coastal storm by the 10th. Earlier runs were showing a bigger storm with a chance for a significant storm on the east coast.  The threat still exists as there should be more phasing and moisture to work with.  That low will dig south, come out of the Rockies, to the Gulf..and then head to the east coast…where it eventually tracks is still up in the air. Once to the coast, this will deepen to a stronger storm. Some models are taking this just far enough to the south for a glancing blow of accumulating snow, but any correction to the west…which is likely…will mean a bigger storm for us in the Thursday to Friday timeframe. I think this will come closer eventually to us as a stronger storm…but you have to be skeptical on storm development now  as overall pattern Eastern Canada and Greenland do not support this sort of storm development. …so again…we will be keeping an eye on that one as well. Still very early in the game for any certainty. 

Cold High pressue follows in behind these storms for a significant cold shot of air which will stick around through next weekend. Then the change! As I have been advertising…the pattern is about to break…it may already be broken judging by the rainy mix we are seeing tonight! The pattern we have now is definitely different from what we have seen in the past 6 weeks. + NAO in place through mid month which could start trending neutral there after. If these next storms miss..just more evidence that the extremes have been put to rest for now.

Valentines Week looks quite a bit warmer for the nation with warmer pacific air flooding the country with a flatter milder zonal flow to the jetstream. This milder pattern should last to end out the month and may even last into March. Check out the March 2011 outlook from the CFS! Warm, warm, warm! If this is the case…then we have definitely seen the worst of winter! Eventually winter will run out of time. I am not saying we are not going to see another snow storm, just that it is going to start to become a whole lot easier around here when it comes to weathering the winter…compared to what we have been through.

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  1. WeatherWizard says:

    Thanks Joe.

  2. JustSayinITlikeitIS says:



  3. metking says:

    thanks joe, i thought we were in line for some solid storm threats this upcoming week, but i agree the pattern is not lining up the way it was proged earlier…too bad

  4. WeatherWizard says:

    Today is National Weatherman’s Day. So happy National Weatherman’s Day, Joe!
    It commemorates the birth of John Jeffries in 1744, one of America’s first weather observers. He started recording daily weather observations way back in 1774 in Boston.

    1. Topkatt88 says:

      I gave a talk on National Weathermans Day at an assisted living place a couple years ago. It was fun and the old folks had as many questions as kids at school!

  5. DS says:

    Looking forward to enjoying the snowpack for a few more weeks and then TOTALLY ready for some warmth. Great!

  6. sam hates snow says:


    From your mouth to god’s ear, let’s hope this freaking nightmare of winter is over soon as it is killing businesses, my clients are all hurting and some had to layoff few employees.
    This Tuesday, how come a lot of forecasters are downplaying the event, they all saying the two systems most likely will not merge, even NOAA is saying that, are they just hoping for this?

    1. Italo says:

      The stations’ producers will always try to play up the worst possibilities as much as possible, b/c that is their job and they’re most interested in garnering best ratings, not informing the viewers’ concerns. I hate all this snow, too. But I think that, ironically, it’s a boon because it’s giving some much-needed income injection to many part-time workers like snow plowers and contractors, who have really needed the business and money. I’d rather that there wasn’t all the snow or roof dangers, either! –But I feel they will be able to turn the money around into paying their bills, feeding their families, and recycling dollars back into the economy, stimulating it.

  7. sam hates snow says:

    I think you are on drugs today or just trying to agitate snow haters.;)

  8. Topkatt88 says:

    Can’t buck the NAO trend, which though still wavering, seems like it wants to spend some time in positive territory.

    So my ideas from the other day about this storm are out the window (which I would have posted about yesterday if it were not for a migraine headache). Hoping the rain in the Boston area does not worsen the roof situation, but it seems inevitable. Be safe everyone! Not much time at the computer this weekend (cleanup, errands, Super Bowl party).

    Early thoughts on the 2 storm threats next week: Can’t feel either of these being huge right now but keep an eye on them for surprises of course. Not getting into much reasoning – head still hurts! Have a great weekend everyone!

    1. Stanley says:

      See now there is someone who knows weather and even he agrees there is no chance of a storm tues or thurs ok , let me correctly say it. he is saying probably no big storms. If baileyman ever comes back (where you been bm?) and he says there missing? would you all agreee then? cause like that dude has only missed like 1 storm all winter and usually thinks big so like anyway. I agree there is no big snowstorm this week and maybes the rest of winter 2! im out

    2. southshoretom says:

      migraines are nasty…my wife gets them on occasion and she has to literally stop until they ease. Hope the pain subsides soon.

      1. Topkatt88 says:

        Luckily I don’t get them often… And MOST of them are visual aura’s with minor pain or no pain, but this one gave me the best of both worlds. Ugh.

        Anyway, it’s snowing very lightly in Woburn right now.

    3. Spongebob DoubleDodecahedronpants says:

      Toppkatt, thanks for the update. I hope your head feels better.

    4. David White says:

      Hi Topkatt. Thanks for your views. Speaking of NAO, have you located in your archives your NAO piece you were mentioning. How may I download/view it? Thanks!

      1. Topkatt88 says:

        Still looking, believe it or not. I’m afraid it may be in a cyber graveyard. But I am going to email a long time weather buddy of mine to see if he has it.

  9. Stanley says:

    No offense anyone but I am not getting something either. Again, what is with this hyping the storm threats on Tuesday and Thursday when models show nothing more than an inch or 2 of snow tuesday
    and OTS or a grazing thursday??
    Agree with justsayinitlikeitis there is actually no basis for hyping either storm.
    if so? can one of you mets justify it please?

    1. Topkatt88 says:

      I despise storm hype. Despite sometimes falling victim to too much tech info, I am an old school met at heart. I admit I’m not having my best forecasting winter, but I also accept that it happens. You just move forward from that aspect.

      IF I think something big is coming, I’m all about advanced warning of what’s possible, without scare-tactics. I hate those. The media (in general) is stuck in that mode. And that’s one of the reasons I have always stayed in the private sector and not gone after a media position.

      As far as Tue/Thu storm threats, a combo of gut feeling and guidance I feel most comfortable with tell me don’t worry too much, but don’t let guard down.

  10. TTSutton says:

    How can anyone say this has been a nightmare of a winter? It was wintry for four weeks. Otherwise, the season hasn’t been that bad. I have lost lots of money and had plenty of hard times just like everyone else, but get over it!

  11. ///////////////// says:

    winter is soon over all major storms are behind us….at least no more big snowstorms! handle it…i guess that makes me a troll and if they delete this…its laughable and pathetic really….peace out all

  12. Topkatt88 says:

    Just a friendly request to all (up to you if you want to follow it): Please agree to disagree, don’t disrespect, and be civil. I love this blog and it can serve a great purpose. There are going to be disagreements. Some people love winter. Some people hate it. Some don’t care. Voice your opinions but be nice. Peace.

    Taking a break for a while. Go Bruins!

  13. Charlie says:

    Raining in Foxboro to N Attleboro

  14. Charlie says:

    Snowpack will diminish over next couple weeks as there will b some 40’s for highs a few days, winter is more than 2 3rds over

    1. Scott says:

      maybe, but you have to remember this snow pack has been around for a long time, will take a good month or 2 to fully go away.
      i havn’t seen grass in months, i forgot what color it is…

  15. James says:

    Looking at all the models and not thinking of exaggerating here I must admit the blogs or trolls of whatever you call them are probably going to be right this week.
    nothing big is in the cards with either misses or grazings through the week.
    sorry ds and hadi but thats how it does look. have a good day all

  16. Spaniel says:

    I think you smoked a bit to much today. There will be no 8-12 inch snowstorm on Tuesday in Boston. Sorry Milhous. If the EURO verifies its mix in Bos. If GFS does it is snow with far less QPF and 3 inches tops!

  17. melzzz says:

    BZ really needs to have some sort of registration on this blog to try to deal with the troll problem. Sometimes this plave is not even worth visiting because of the ridiculous trolllng.

  18. Christine M says:

    This blog has become my go-to place this winter because it seems that the posts here, for the most part (thanks baileyman , Topkatt88 and Scott) have been spot-on in their predictions. I don’t really like snow, hate to drive in it, shovel it etc., but I must admit this has been an interesting Winter so far. I hate to read dumb posts, or ones whose sole purpose is to dis someone else. Let’s keep it nice, so we can all become more informed. The purpose of this blog is to share information with others. It has certainly helped me. Thanks, all.

  19. David White says:

    TThe meteorological winter is two thirds over. As of today, February 5, I believe it marks the half way mark of Astronomical winter, and the end of solar winter. Thanks Joe Joyce for your good news about the warmer Valentine’s Day Week. I am hoping there will be some nights with above freezing, so that the snowpack may evaporate. That is the most peaceful meltdown of all!. It will be exciting to watch the steam rise from the piles.

  20. kat says:

    Hi Joe, Thanks for the update. I’m curious, is it possible to have ice build up in SNH (Rockingham County) Bad enough to cause power outages? I was thinking that an inch of water in the form of ice could do some damage.

  21. Hadi says:

    I can’t disagree either. I pointed our ealier that I thought and still think something might happen on Thursday. Otherwise there is a change coming and I am fine with that. I love all seasons!!

  22. David White says:

    Joe, I just looked at the CPC outlook, and (of course this is way out!) it does seem to show warmer temps for us into the early spring, suggesting the latter part of the spring and early summer might turn cool again, not unlike 2009. Is Quebec really that warm right now, as the February chart indicates. Amazing that Montreal should be warmer than Boston or New York City! Is this the balmy air that is sinking on us right now through Monday?

  23. JimmyJames says:

    Great blog Joe and from what you said the pattern looks to be ending soon. I can’t complain because this winter produced a lot more snow than I thought and some big storms.

  24. Spaniel says:

    Here we go. A major storm was on modesl two days ago and now it is gong and everybody is writing it off. Lets see. For one when a major storm is on the models from 7 days out it is usually been lost for a time only to come back again as we get closer. So I am not going jump ship over models flipping around. It is typical. Look at what just happened today. 24 hrs ago Low pres would be crossing the Cape and collapsing the r/s line to the Cape. That is not happening today and the storm is going from PA to MA. No snow. So if it can change in 24 hrs w/the blink of an eye why are you all so confident of little or no snow on Thursday? To far out to tell. Let’s see what happens come Monday/Nt and Tuesday first before we write off the Thursday event.

    1. DS says:

      Agreed. Too soon for a call either way!

    2. Scott says:

      i completely agree, a storm a week away is nearly impossible to predict, especially this winter.

  25. Spaniel says:

    There is a big warm up on the table after next weekend. However indications are the week later COLD spreads back out in the north into the GL and New England while spring is taking hold of the SE USA. Sounds like we will be in the battle ground. I for one was thinking a mild winter. I now think we have a couple of snowstorms coming for March as well. While we are rounding the corner and heading into Spring truth to be told it is only Feb 5 not March 5. CIAO all and have a great Saturday.

    1. Topkatt88 says:

      Very sensible IMO.

  26. metking says:

    Gfs still not showing much if any promise, nao was forecast to tank this week but could be neutral at best

  27. JimmyJames says:

    So typical of the models to flip back and forth and this will continue. My gut tells me we will see something late next week.

  28. Piper1969 says:

    Have faith all you snowlovers! The fact that the GFS is showing nothing is actually good news. The GFS models have been very inaccurate and if a big storm was showing right now our chances of seeing it would be low. Mark my words – once the cold air plunges South and the energy comes out of the Rockies the talk of a major Blizzard for us will be reigning supreme. The ingredients are there. The cook has yet to arrive (analogy). I may be jumping the gun and getting all excited about nothing but several highly acclaimed Mets that specialize in identifying severe weather potentials are beginning to beat the drums for a Superstorm scenario. Sure, we have had a lot of snow and people are sick of it. But if this is the last major storm for us let it be a Historical one! Right?

    1. DS says:

      Ugh. Love snow, but despise accuweather and their hype.

      Thanks for the link either way though!

      1. itoldyouso says:

        what kind of nimrod wants a blizzard on top of what we have on the ground now , geta grip , all you peeps on here want is disaster , go to alaska if you want that much snow , gezzzzzzzzzzzzz

    2. Terri says:

      NO!!!! I am planning a 4 day trip to NYC on saturday for enjoyment. I DO NOT want a storm at all. Dont you all get sick of the snow at some point? it is so inconvienant. sorry did i spell inconvienant correctly?.

      alas, I do think some of you snow lovers are over-reacting to other bloggers who say no to snow . and I think it is there right after all this is only a friendly weather blog and I really dont see the need to erase their harmless comments? it makes little sense and makes the snow lovers look petty. that is just my opinion though.
      have a pleasant day

      1. alisonarod says:


      2. Talent says:

        Allison=ANNOYING BLOG MOTHER. Just let it go and people won’t troll

      3. alisonarod says:

        Talent=Terri=Brianhackett. LMAO!

  29. Piper1969 says:

    Maybe this year we have spring in March like it used to be when I was a kid. Not to mention a warm Easter and temps warm enough to swim or go to beach Memorial Day weekend. I hate the winter slop storms we get in late March and April. In my opinion the worst two months of the year are March and April. Anyways, everybody have a great weekend! Enjoy the Super Bowl! Maybe next week we will be discussing a Super Storm? Go Green Bay! Still can’t believe the Patriots are not there…..

    1. smack says:

      Piper1969, where did you grow up? I have been here all my life and don’t recall many warm March or Easters. Swim on Memorial Day weekend? Only the hardy souls do that. I can’t even swim in the water around here in August.

      1. smack says:

        And March goes out more like a lion than a lamb. Remember the April Fool’s Day blizzard?

      2. Piper1969 says:

        smack, I grew up in Wrentham. I will be 42 soon. So back in the 1970’s early 80’s I remember warm Easters and swimming on Memorial Day. Unless I am confused.

    2. James says:

      you not you? are you typing to me about my radar DS? I am not accusing you of anything DS I actually want your opinion if you know? thanks

      1. DS says:

        No, sorry. I wasn’t responding to you. There’s someone using my name, which is super annoying.

  30. shotime says:

    Happy National Weatherman’s Day! To all on the WBZ weather team and also all the mets on the blog! Your skill and expertise are always greatly appreciated, throughout the year! Thank You!

    1. MikeBloom says:

      alisonarod ? get a clue mikebloom not brianhacket<<whoever that is? But you are being ridiculous! so stop whinning!

  31. TomFromActon says:


  32. Hadi says:

    Btw from what I can see on my mobile phone EURO looks way west.

  33. alisonarod says:

    No BaileyMan typically is a bad sign for storms

  34. Hadi says:

    Not west enough but big change from 0z run.

    1. Steve-O says:

      Hadi…can u send me the link for the 12z Euro?

  35. Steve-O says:

    …looking at the radar and most recent model guidance…I think we’ll be hard pressed to see .25″ of rain anywhere in southern New England today. Also, my gut is telling me that the storm possibility for the end of this week will come back on the models starting tomorrow. We shall see.

    1. Scott says:

      looks so disorganized, but it’s supposed to deepen on top of us.
      the less rain the better

    2. The Graupler says:

      well, you have the GFS, the NAM and the GUT, all are about as reliable this far =out.,

    3. JimmyJames says:

      Steve O my gut is also saying we will get something late next week. I am not saying a big storm though but something.

      1. scott says:

        if it’s your gut take a pepto. who cares what you think?

  36. ROFLcopter says:

    Amazing Baileyman goes away and so do the 40 people who said “Hey Wheres Baileyman?” at the same time. Swipes info from a RI weather site and then signs on under a half dozen other names to cheer himself on… LOL

    1. scott says:

      Dude get a life! what the ……are you talking about? go bother other blogs with this nonsense!

  37. Steve says:

    Next week is the last week of winter as we will begin the transition out of this debuctale. Joe has been saying this now for two weeks and needs to be comended on it(nice call) its on to spring later this month,if you listen in the morning you can hear the spring birds now

    1. smack says:

      Don’t believe he is actually saying it’s going to be spring this month, just that this snowy weather pattern and cold will ease up on us. If you have lived in NE long enough you know that winter doesn’t loosen its grip here until April.

  38. Steve-O says:

    …i hope we get a major snowstorm the end of this week…but i am looking forward to a pattern change next week. I hope its mild and stormless from Valentines day til the end of the month. Im leaving for Mexico with my family on Feb 21st and I really dont want to be stranded at Logan airport for any amount of time.

  39. Steve-O says:

    Has anyone seen the 12z run of the Euro?? Rumor has it that its west of the 0z run with Thursdays storm?? Is this true?

    1. DS says:

      True story, Steve-o. Not west enough for a wallop, but west nonetheless.

  40. ///////////////// says:

    thinkin topkatt folowing is also strangely absent? both he a bm have numerous alias screens to promote their bloated egos! but prob alisonrod and others do too

    1. Topkatt88 says:

      I have one screen name. And this is it. Self-promotion is a waste of time. People either trust you or they don’t. They either like you or they don’t. I can’t waste my time typing fake posts here. I have a family to take care of. But believe what you want.

      1. FLORIDA DREAMS says:


  41. Joy4shopping says:

    I never blog to be honest. but i get alot of information from this site and enjoy all the knowledged weather people on here. To be honest, you are all good. But you do need to consider this blog is not everyones only focus. Perhaps they have lives and things we all have to do get in the way?!!! Or Alisonrod might be right.
    Maybe topkatt and baileymen only blog when a big storm is evident? relax they may return but we can all still chat or you all can and I will always take note and plan my motherly and professional plans around it. ok 3 year old calls bye

    1. Joy4shopping says:

      Queston alisonarod? Are you saying that to me hun? And I do not blog here with this exception I must add. Hope you are not attacking me to because I was agreeing with you.

    2. alisonarod says:

      Not to you Joy. Sorry about that:)

  42. Topkatt88 says:

    I blog whether storms are coming or not. There’s always something to talk about.

  43. The Bruins Guy says:

    TK do you think Boston could freeze up tonight?

    1. Topkatt88 says:

      I don’t think they fall much below 32 tonight, 30 at lowest. Not really enough to freeze up too much. Above freezing tomorrow.

      1. The Bruins Guy says:

        Thanks. So I can finally have a few beers tonight and relax. Now only if the B’s could tie this thing up

    1. James says:

      thats a miss I can tell that much

  44. James says:

    look at this im no expert met but i really dont see a defined center of low pressure here and looks like the system shows a cold front swinging off the mid coast of the atlantic already and to seperate areas of precipitation and is it me? or does it look like the heavy rain stays offshore and only lighter mix or rain swings in later then ending as light snow? again i really dont know for sure so anyone? if this is the case though it would say that the models can not even accurately forecast a weather pattern 12 hours ahead? take a look and tell me please? thanks

  45. Hadi says:

    NWS expanded WWA to include everywhere except south of Boston and coastal areas for tonight. Freezing rain looks like a possibility but not for too long.

  46. Hadi says:

    James it’s a miss but further west then 0z run.

  47. Hadi says:

    The EURO for Tuesday looks close enough for some snow.

  48. Scott says:

    18z NAM doesn’t even show .25 QPF for SNE

  49. Hadi says:

    QPF for Us on euro for Tuesday is .20 about 2-4 inches.

  50. Hadi says:

    Topkatt any thoughts on the latest EURO for Tuesday.

    Btw I am game for a meeting of the bloggers, ButI will not deal with some of the people on here if they come ie the instigators. I am thinking of sending Stephanie miller an email asking to corrdinate exchange of emails privately. Any thoughts?

    1. Topkatt88 says:

      I think whatever comes by is an express train, probably snow, and probably under 4 inches, late Monday night/early Tuesday morning. Current thinking anyway – may change.

      Email Steph. I’m for it. But don’t worry, blog instigators would not show up, and if they did, you would see a different side of them. I used to meet with BBSers monthly at Cambridgeside Galleria in the early 1990s (before the days of Facebook) and it was that way then and still is now.

      I was kind of tossing the idea of mid March around as a first meet-up, but that’s just an idea at this point.

      1. NOGAPS says:

        Hi Topkatt – I thought you organized a meeting of some of the bloggers a while ago – maybe last year? Am I mistaken?

  51. southshoretom says:

    Interesting updated discussion on NWS site about rapid pressure falls and potential strong gusty winds down on Cape and Islands for later tonight.

  52. Charlie says:

    Nam looks like it’s trying to form a storm

  53. matt says:

    this is pathetic this saturday night storm i think went a little more west and north than intincipated. i say snow ice and rain showers through the night but not much of anything. there is a chance thought of precipitation rapping around the storm and effecting us later in the night with a light steady freezing rain and or snow or freezing rain and rain depending on where you are.
    post on this coldier week ahead later tonight.

    1. Piper1969 says:

      Matt- good thing too, dont want rain to ruin our snowpack. Its depressing enough watching the snowbanks shrink today. I hate temps above 32!

      1. haterain says:

        This rain is not going to hurt the snow pack that much, but tomorrow and Monday with temps in the high 30’s with sun will. I hate to see the snow go but I guess that is the best way to do it, high 30’s with sun.

  54. StormTrack 42 says:

    I knew that it would rain. My papa always said that it cannot snow on February 5th, 12th or 19th. That low was weaker than watered down apple juice. I am still working on my model for this week–I will let you know how it looks.

  55. MaryMack says:

    hi all from worcester
    what is the deal for tonight in worcester going out to mall and to eat will we have ice?
    where is weatherwizard topkat and baileyman ?
    i need to know if it will be icy or just rain temp here is 32 now but rain that falls is light right now and does not seem to be freezing on the hard tops or roadways
    by the way the snow out here is not really melting much at all dont think the rain is helping with that seems like snowbanks just gobble it up like a sponge

  56. Scott says:

    this storm looks very unimpressive on radar.

  57. ranger says:

    the temp has dropped 4 deg in past hour….

  58. jack says:

    It’s VERY dangerous out there rightt now. PLEASE , Take walking!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. jack says:

      Blog missed “CARE” while……………

  59. Longshot says:

    Watched Barry tonight on BZ. He wasn’t giving much concern to Tues or Thurs storms. Implied Thurs might be a miss — but did say it was worth watching.

  60. itoldyouso says:

    all you peeps make me laugh , one min you’re calling for major snows , the next you’re not , this model says this , this models says that , lol. as far as thurs goes , who knows , the models rite not could’nt forecast a sunny day , lets see what happens , i hope nothing. We do not need any more snow for the rest of the winter if you ask me , but that is highly unlikely

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