BOSTON (CBS) – The Patriots may not be in Dallas for Super Bowl XLV, but owner Robert Kraft is there.

Kraft addressed the throng of media on Friday, and had a few things to say about his team’s 28-21 playoff loss at the hands of the New York Jets.

When asked what was missing from the defeat, Kraft responded “I don’t know, a good game plan?” with a chuckle.

“You have to hand it to the Jets, they came in and did a good job,” the owner said.

Kraft said the Patriots did not get the breaks that Sunday afternoon in Foxboro.

“Tommy (Brady) was unbelievable. He had 7, 8 or 10 games without and interception and then threw that lazy interception,” Kraft said of his All-Pro Quarterback. “We have the fake punt, which we hadn’t run all year. It gets bobbled, it was wide open by the way if we executed.”

Listen To Owner Robert Kraft On The Patriots Playoff Loss

One of the most prominent owners in the NFL, Kraft also addressed the possibility of a work stoppage following this season. Issues between the NFL owners and players union include the expansion to an 18-game season, benefits for retired players, and how to split up the league’s annual revenue.

Kraft has been adamant if a deal does not get done, it will be the fault on both parties.

“It’s a privilege to own an NFL franchise,” Kraft said. “To have a labor disruption at this point of time of the evolution of the game, it’s criminal. It will fall on both sides.”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and union officials are set to meet in the Dallas-Fort Worth area on Saturday, with additional meetings set for later this week.

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  1. Dan says:

    Bill Belichick cost them the game by benching his best receiver. Stupid. Another blunder by the head coach. In the last couple of years Bill Bleichick’s blunders cost them the playoff. Here me Bill? You benched your best receiver. How dumb. Did you them to lose?

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