BOSTON (AP) — First a sales tax holiday, now a meals tax holiday?

Legislation filed on Beacon Hill would suspend for one week the state’s 6.25 percent tax on food purchased at restaurants in Massachusetts.

The proposed dates for the meals tax holiday would be March 20 to March 26.

The bill was originally suggested by Dave Andelman, creator of the “Phanton Gourmet” television show.

Andelman said it would help a restaurant industry that has been hit hard by the recession, higher food costs and higher taxes.

The legislation would only apply to the state meals tax, and not a local-option tax of .75 percent that is added by many cities and towns.

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Comments (2)
  1. Cynic says:

    Fantastic Idea……Then the suckers might forget that they are getting ripped off the other 51 Weeks. Great Thinking Mr. Andelman. My suggestion would be a 51 week tax Holiday and then only charge meals Tax Every March 20-26th. Is this really a MEALS tax? How come the State gets 10 to 25 cents for every CUP OF COFFEE sold in Mass?

  2. emom says:

    this is a total waiste of time, instead of a no tax day on resturants how about doing away with food tax at the grocery store, OH YEAH ITS HAPPENING THERE>>>>..

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