CHELMSFORD (CBS) — People were so concerned about roofs in one Chelmsford mobile home park firefighters checked on all of them.

One ceiling came close to caving in because of too much snow.

“We need to check it because if one of them is failing there’s a good chance there will be others,” said Chelmsford Fire Chief Michael Curran. “Especially those that haven’t been shoveled off.”

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton reports.

Dozens of firefighters and emergency management personnel went going door-to-door evacuating residents until they know for sure there homes are safe.

Debra Jenks’ son Justin is severely disabled and there’s a lot of snow on her roof. She was told she should leave because her ceiling is showing signs of pressure, but she chose not to go.

“There is a lot of snow and if it collapses it will go on my son,” she said, adding she felt safe enough to stay.

More than 300 units were inspected. Buses were called in for residents who have to evacuate.

12 families had to leave their homes and stayed with relatives.

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  1. one says:

    well.. a ladder and a shovel would probably solve your problems.

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