BOSTON (CBS) – One bonus this winter: all that shoveling is helping us stay in shape.

Michelle from Gardner Declared her Curiosity asking, “How much of a workout do you get from shoveling snow?”

The answer is a pretty good one. Shoveling snow is considered “moderate” physical activity.

The number of calories you burn depends on a few factors including your weight.

But Harvard Medical School researchers estimate that a person who weighs 185 pounds burns 266 calories for every half hour of shoveling.

Using a snow blower can be a workout too.

The same sized person pushing the machine around for 30 minutes burns about 200 calories.

Comments (5)
  1. emom says:

    Thata great BUT<< in the end after over a month and half or more of constant snow storms, the body is tired, aches, is sore and spent.. Dont forget this snow is wet and heavy deep and can cause health issues… Emergency rooms are over loaded this time of year,.. I feel this is more of a pain in the back I will get back to you about the HEALTH benifits when it stops snowing and I no longer need to shovel……

  2. Cynic says:

    If it doesn’t result in a Massive Coronary I suppose there could be some benefit.

  3. Mann says:

    My grandmother used to say, “Hard work never killed anybody, but it sure helps.” I think shoveling one storm after another this winter constitutes hard work. Please everyone, listen to your body. If you haven’t stayed in the greatest shape, get help or hire someone. I’m sure you family doesn’t want to lose you.

  4. Macmum says:

    Since my husband had his heart attack in Nov, all the shoveling has been my job. We have a driveway big enough to park 6 cars easily. A long front walk and a Hubei deck that all have to be cleared every time. The piles in yard are about 4th high now and it’s no easy task to toss any new snow high enough to keep it from falling back down. I don’t mind the work. I’m beyond being sore afterwards anymore since I’ve had so much practice! It’s nice to know there is Some benefit in the end. But I hope we’ll be done with the winter wonderland thing soon so I can switch to mowing and maybe get a tan too! :-)

  5. emom says:

    Well hard work lets see ,, It can kill, some ,, but it sure HURTS, and since Its only me and my kid its a lot, I have listened to my body and it screams , PLEASE NO MORE SNOW….LOL… as for the health benifits, well still nothng, and I have been shoveling this stuff since the first storm, and so beat by the end of the day that all I want is a very large glass of ice water and my bed,,,,,,,, I actulaly think I have developed muscles in my arms , BUT I DONT NEED THAT MUCH IN MUSCLE TONE… aaahhhhhhh….. winter is almost over HOORAY,,,, maybe planting will go better,,, oh wait,,, forget it,,, we will have the snow till may,,, and then will need to correct the soil from all the ice melt ,,,, ahhh forget it ,, just let what ever grow.. I will put out pretty pots of stuff, that will work… exhausted

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