WELLESLEY (CBS) — A MassBay Community College student was arrested Thursday morning after police say they found a loaded semi-automatic gun in his bag.

Darryl Max Dookhran, 18, of Dorchester, is facing several charges including carrying a dangerous weapon, felon in possession of a firearm, and possession of a firearm on school grounds.

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton reports. 

Wellesley police made the arrest after investigating a report they received last week that Dookhran was carrying a gun at the college.

Darryl Max Dookhran

Darryl Max Dookhran. (Credit: Wellesley Police)

At 11 a.m. Thursday, Wellesley detectives approached Dookhran as he was standing in line at the registrar’s office. They led him into a nearby room and say when they told Dookhran they heard he was carrying a gun he backed against a wall. The detectives tried to pat him down, but Dookhran kicked at the officers.

The TEC-9 was found in his back pack. It was loaded with an 18-round magazine and had a round in the chamber.

18 round magazine also found in Dookhran’s back pack.

18 round magazine also found in Dookhran’s back pack. (Credit: Wellesley Police Department)

MassBay officials released a statement Thursday evening saying there was “no indication that the student intended to use the weapon, and campus safety was never compromised.”

Dookhran is being held at Wellesley police headquarters on $10,000 cash bail. He is scheduled to be arraigned Friday at Dedham District Court.

Comments (19)
  1. alleydweller says:

    MassBay should look for a new spokesperson if the most intelligent line this person could come up with was, “campus safety was never compromised.”

  2. Ed says:

    “He never intended to use the gun”? Are kidding me? Do they still have show and tell at MassBay?

  3. don says:

    i wonder who was paying for the tuition for this felon, we do i bet

  4. Pete G says:

    The definition of an Assault Weapon is that it must be capable of fully automatic fire. As such the semi-automatic Tec-9 does not meet the spec. Any leagally civilian owned true Assault Weapon must be Federally Licensed.

  5. TS says:

    remember folks, the nra and second ammendment “advocates” think that this kid did nothing wrong and would be perfectly happy if everyone carried such a weapon to campus.

    1. Daniel Reeve says:

      Negative Ghost Rider. There is no pretense by any organization that supports the Second Amendment that a convicted felon should be allowed to possess any firearm.

    2. JC says:

      wrong. the NRA never said they want kids to carry guns to school. in addition he obtained the gun illegally and had no licensing or paperwork to own or carry a handgun. second amendment activists and NRA members are not for breaking the laws and allowing 18 year old felons to carry semi automatic handguns in school. they are for the reform and change of laws to allow certain liberties. you sir are a detriment to your own cause when you say stupid $h!t like that!

  6. merlin215 says:

    I carried for many years in and out of the city legally .. Am I a problem ? Thank God not all folks think like you TS . Otherwise we would all be in serious trouble ,
    EVERY citizen of this nation is entitled to their opinion and their freedom . Changing the laws are not the issue , I’m sure a lot of people would agree . I am sure this kid was not really thinking of gunlaws by carrying that type of weapon . A felon with a semi auto ? Now , 50 million dollar question : Where did He get the gun ? At a gun store ? Don’t you think we should be finding answers to those questions , and maybe put a law in place saying if you are a convited felon , You steal a gun , 20 years in prison ? AND if you use the gun , Life ? We never hear about the person committing the crime , of what to do about them . Its always about the gun …. Never about the person with the gun ….

  7. Think before you speak says:

    merlin215, I agree with you somewhat. but i don’t quite consider a tec-9 something of use for personal protection or hunting. How would you feel if this kid was in a middle school or high school with your kids? Do you really need a Tec-9 to go to College in WELLESLEY??

    And Pete G, if you are a second amendment supporter, I suggest learning the firearms laws and reg’s before creating your own definitions. Tec-9 is indeed listed as an Assault Weapon. Feel free to research it here: http://www.malegislature.gov/Laws/GeneralLaws/PartI/TitleXX/Chapter140/Section121

    1. merlin215 says:

      Hey Think before you speak . A tech 9 is not a weapon that is to be carried around on the street , so I agree with you there . A large semi auto by a kid with a full clip and a bullet in the chamber means that he was going to be ready to use it . For what I have no idea . But , what I do care about is , HOW he obtained that weapon . Him and Whoever He obtained it from should be the ones that are liable as well as where He got the ammo from . Because some guy wanted to make a couple of bucks , and sold it to some crazy , Now thats a bigger issue ! lets wait and see exactly where this weapon came from , and I’ll bet it was stolen from somewhere …

    2. JC says:

      well first off i agree with you. he shouldnt have a tech 9. nobody should because you dont hunt with them, you;re right. he definetely would have used it for violence im just sayiing when the guy claimed the campus was safe he meant he wasnt gonna shoot 19 innocent bystanders for no reason. as for the rest of what you said. i have family members and dear friends who do attend mass bay in wellesley, so i know exactly how id feel about it. you have to remember this kid isnt from wellesley, he doesnt live there and certainly wasnt brought up woth the same mindset as a priveledged wellesley teen. he’s from dorchester.its much different there. comingfrom a nearby town where there is plenty of gang violence and violent crime, id have to say this is much more common for some places than others like wellesley.

  8. Hoofarted says:

    Here are a couple of points that makes no difference if you are PRO or ANTI gun.

    1. He is 18 years old…Not legal for a handgun.
    2. He is 18 years old…Not old enough to have an LTC, thus no handgun.
    3. He is has no LTC…No handgun for you.
    4. He is a Felon…He is disqualified by State law from getting an LTC…no handgun.
    5. He is a Felon…He is disqualified by Federal law from purchasing a firearm.
    6. Clearly, however he got the gun it was not legally.
    7. Clearly he knew what he was doing was illegal.

  9. jaygee says:

    “No indication that he was going to use the weapon”, huh. He’s 18, waiting in line to see the Registrar with a loaded semi-aoutomatic weapon and then kicks at the cops. If this is the only comment that a Mass Bay official can come up with then why did they bother calling the police? Unless he was on his way to his “Campus Shooting 101” class, I would say he posed a threat.

    1. JC says:

      I believe what he meant by this is that there was no indication that the kid was going to use the firearm as they are used in school shootings like tucson and columbine and virginia tech. I think that since the kid was from dorchester, he was used to and probably always carried his gun. so what they mean is he did not have the intention of shooting up the school because of bullying or whatever, but he carried it because he was parenoid and carried it to protect himself as he did in his hometown.

      1. jaygee says:

        Excuse me but what planet are you writing from? How can anyone make the assumption that he “wasn’t going to use it” and he was simply “carrying it for protection”? I have never in my entire life heard of an 18 year old freshman in college with a fully loaded assault weapon in his backpack carrying a weapon like this with the intent of “protection from bullies”. Stop thinking up excuses for behavior such as this without knowing the full story.

      2. JC says:

        no no, not an excuse. and im not saying he wouldnt use it. im simply saying if he was carrying it all the time he probably wasnt the sort to shoot up the school because he was mad at the world or anything. he probably carried it all the time and didnt have the intent to pull it and shoot up the school. it was probably something he carried all the time not one time with the intent to attack poeple. obviously it isnt right for him to carry that weapon. im not trying to defend him or make excuses so theres no need to be so hostile. im simply trying to give you an example of what he could have meant.

  10. Michale Kent says:

    Thank God that the MassBay so called Sergeant (No Police Authority and no academy training) was there to save the day.

    It would be best for all concerned if he just dropped the pretense: He is unqualified to be a Sgt.

    Watch out…there will be major changes to the Staffing table and rank structure in January 2012!

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