By David Wade, WBZ-TVBy David Wade

BOSTON (CBS) – I had an interesting winter surprise when I pulled up the blinds at my house the other day – a masked intruder!

Sort of.

It was a raccoon nestled in a little alcove outside my bathroom window looking very sleepy and almost like I disturbed HIM.

I first showed you this video I shot on Thursday morning’s newscast.

Watch David’s raccoon raw video

Seeing this made Stephanie from Tyngsborough Declare Her Curiosity:

“Raccoons (like squirrels and chipmunks) usually hibernate in winter, and this poor animal ought to be holed up in some snug little tree crevice (or in modern times, maybe a building soffit). How’d the raccoon end up on David’s roof?”

I called MassWildlife biologist Laura Hajduk.

She told me raccoons are actually active all year round.

During a storm they will curl up in a spot that offers protection from the elements and this spot was just warm enough.

Laura also says they do move around during the day to get food, so seeing the nocturnal animal during the day is not a sure sign of a sick or rabid raccoon.

If it’s stumbling around, it could be a bad sign.

Comments (13)
  1. Kelley Phillips says:

    He’s a cutie for sure :)

  2. Katie says:

    David, I hope your kids get to see it this weekend! -Katie

  3. Katelin says:

    The only true hibernator in this area is the groundhog. Everything else is active. Many species will be getting ready to mate and babies will be born in march, April, depending on the species.
    Raccoons will ” hole” up during bad weather, using their fat reserves to get them thru. They live in family groups this time of year and stay warm that way. Always remember to never try and touch a wild animal..they do bite, are not pets and several species… raccoons, bats, skunks, foxes can carry rabies and other not so nice diseases. So enjoy wildlife from your window and be safe!

  4. Lucy says:

    Raccoons are so cute – very clever – opportunistic. They will eat cat food and they need water. The poor little dear looks cold. It must be hard for them in the city. I don’t see any in the country or at least I haven’t thus far.

  5. macmum says:

    Hey David! I could have told you that racoons are out all winter since I have photos of one snacking from my bird feeder from December! But I hope you enjoyed finding out on your own! :-)

  6. Cynic says:

    Racoons will recognize People. They will come when called and will sit up and Beg for food…Maybe not all of them but I have known some that do…..Some of those in West Quincy came out of the woods when they saw my CAR ! Some of my Cats best friends were Racoons.

  7. TiaMaria says:

    “Let’s leave him alone”…good move
    I don’t think I could get any sleep knowing this cute little creature was looking in my window all night…
    Mum, glad hubby is OK…

  8. Allie says:

    Hahaha, awwwww. That was so cute. :)

  9. barry says:

    hey david, maybe you can ask bianca to —- oh, wait…..

  10. Mann says:

    How cute! All the wild animals must be hungry this winter since there is so much snow cover. Glad I didn’t find it outside my window because I would be feeding the poor thing. Guess that’s the reason I have two dogs, three cats, and two goldfish, haha! Nice photo, Dave!

  11. Victoria Key says:

    I too have a racoon visitor. welcome to the family. we live in Dorchester and it is like a regular zoo here. there are red tailed hawks, racoons, bats, skunks,squirrels, ‘possoms and coyotes. we haven’t seen any mice around though, they are all gone, eated by everyting else….

  12. emom says:

    Racoons are are amazing animals , so smart and inteligent, HOWEVER< can be very dangerous. People should never approach them thank god there was a window between them,, OH and dont feed them they will never go away..

  13. macmum says:

    @ Tiamaria – thanks! It’s good to see you back commenting. haven’t had much time myself with all the stuff going on with hubby. but things are starting to calm down now… We should try to find each other when you are capeside this year with all the sailing. :-)

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