BOSTON (CBS) – The WBZ weather team tracks the highest snowfall totals with the help of the Skywarn Weather Spotter Network. Here are totals for the snowfall on February 1 and 2 combined.

As of noon:

Agawam: 14.5″
Wilmington: 12.5″
Williamstown: 12.5″ (7.0″ today)
Hubbardston: 11.9″
Great Barrington: 11.0″
Longmeadow: 11.0″
Bedford, NH: 10.9″
Shrewsbury: 10.7″
Milford: 10.5″
East Longmeadow: 10.5”
North Adams: 10.0″
Blackstone: 9.0″
Hanson: 7.5″

As of 10 a.m.:

Leominster: 14.0″
Chicopee: 13.5″ (3.5″ today)
Chesterfield: 12.5″ (3.5″ today)
Northampton: 10.5″ (3.5″ today)
Springfield: 10.5″ (3.5″ today)
East Longmeadow: 10″ (3″ today)
Boston: 9.7″ (2.9″ today)

As of 8:15 a.m.:

Longmeadow: 10.0″ (2.5″ today)
Littleton: 12.0″
Dorchester: 10.3″
Brockton: 9.1″ (2.0″ today)
Amherst: 9.0″
Sudbury: 13.0″ (4.0″ today)
Wilmington: 11.5″
Shrewsbury: 10.3″
Natick: 9.0″
Middleton: 8.0″ (1.5″ today)

As of 7:30 a.m.:

Hubbardston: 10.7″
Heath: 10.5″
Groveland: 10.5″ (2.5″ today)
Shrewsbury: 9.9″
Wayland: 8.1″ (3.3″ today)

As of 7 a.m.:

West Springfield: 13.5″ (3.0″ today)
Granville: 13.0″
Gloucester: 11.5″ (2.5″ from today)
Wilmington: 10.5″
Greenfield: 9.5″ (3.5″ Today)
Shrewsbury: 9.1″
North Attleboro: 8.5″ (1.5″ today)
Taunton: 8.5″ (3.0″ Today)
Bedford, NH: 7.1″
Assonet: 6.5″ (2.5″ from today)

You can email the WBZ-TV weather team your snow totals at Take measurements of the fresh snow in at least three different spots in your yard.

Comments (6)
  1. Martine Meijering says:

    Weymouth 10.5″ (2.5″ so far today)

  2. Ann Keating says:

    I moved to sunny Florida 10 years ago and don’t regret it at all.

    Hope your spring comes soon. In the meantime, come visit us!

    Today’s weather – sunny and 80 degrees.

  3. arstalt12 says:

    Get away from the bad weather and high taxes,- come to south Florida -enjoy the weather . Everything except the corruption.

  4. Kathy says:

    What would I do if I didn’t have to shovel snow in the winter? Living anywhere else would be boring and not much fun!!!

  5. Jane says:

    I just listened to your information on the volcano having an affect on our winter weather. The Farmer’s Almanac seems to be right on with their predictions. Would they have been able to predict so closely before their publication was on the news stands for sale?

  6. Michele D.G. says:

    Hahahahaha….Jane, you think the Farmer’s Almanac is correct for this year? Don’t think so! It called for a “MILD” winter. This is NOT a mild winter, by a long shot. Just think folks, we still have Feb.,March, and probably the 1st (2)weeks of April before we are done with snow for 2011. The Farmer’s Almanac should have rec. stocking up on rock salt/ice melt, shovels for powder/ice/wet snow, heating pads for sore backs,extended poles for those roof rakes…those of you lucky enough to get close enough to put up a ladder near your house/garage/sheds.

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