BOSTON (CBS) – Zoo New England needs to cut its reliance on state funding, so it can stay open.

The organization that operates the Stone Zoo and Franklin Park Zoo wants to double its board of directors and possibly sell corporate naming rights.

Lisa van der Pool of the Boston Business Journal reports.

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  1. blackbear1 says:

    The Stone Zoo should be closed. It is not a shadow of what it once was. I used to take my kids there and it was clean and full of animals. It was a real zoo!! What happened?? When I taught at a local high school, the were constatntly calling me for FREE donations and time. My budget was public money, I couldn’t make private donations. They did not seem to understand.

  2. Chris says:

    The Stone Zoo is a mess. I can’t think of a single exhibit that is worthwhile. The Franklin Park Zoo has some good exhibits, but the Zoo layout is terrible. Large expanses of nothing in between the exhibits. People are still hesitant to travel into Franklin Park form outlying areas. The Zoo’s are stuck with the problem of one Zoo that is easy to get to, but without any exhibits, or a Zoo with lots of potential that people are hesitant to travel to because of its location.

  3. mzfit says:

    have either of you been to the Stone zoo in the last 5 to 8 years… your comments telll me NO.
    Stone has made a ton of improvements. The zoo from the 70’s & 80’s was deplorable… concrete and fenced exhibits have been replaced with natural habitiats. The zoo is aza acredited (no small feat as less than 5% of all US zoo’s are acredited). Most of the birds there are rehab-ed/ injured and can never be released to the wild, they offer teacher credit courses and home school programs.. Thank goodness the zoo is no longer a shadow of what it used to be…. it is so much better. Go visit, you may change your opinion.

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