WALTHAM (CBS) — The snow poses a special challenge for local schools, before, during and after it falls.

Districts are running out of snow days. And on Tuesday many of them closed early.

“Even for the kids I think it’s not so exciting, just another snow day. It’s brutal,” said Sue Hildreth, a parent who was at MacArthur Elementary School in Waltham Tuesday where students were dismissed early.

WBZ-TV’s Peg Rusconi reports.

“On the days when I work it’s really difficult. Tomorrow may be another snow day, so I’ll have to call work, but today I’m off,” added Kristin Cox, also a parent of a student at MacArthur.

Parents say a snow day means changing the whole day. They say they need to get out of work, set everything up for picking people up at different places, and even consider what to serve for lunch.

While kids might like the time off now, come summer they may have a different stance.


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