WESTBORO (CBS) – With more snow and ice on the way, the danger that we’ll see more roof collapses is rising.

The weight of the snow got the best of a nursery in Westboro, as a whole row of greenhouses just couldn’t hold up what this winter has doled out.

The snow had construction crews like the Micelotti Brothers pushing snow in the snow all afternoon.

“We wanted to get on this today, because it’s coming down again tomorrow,” said one of the workers.

WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager reports.

But, it’s the flat roofs that are most susceptible. A crew was shoveling way up on the Newcorr Building in Northboro, when a support beam shifted under the weight. They had to evacuate.

“It doesn’t give you much time to react, especially if the size of a building like this, you don’t have very long to go to get anyplace that you know is safe,” said William Farnsworth, Northboro Buildings Inspector.

In Holliston, as many as 20 employees at a pipe manufacturing plant were sent scrambling when two sections of roof collapsed. Fortunately, no one was injured.

“Snow on the flat roof that had not been cleared and therefore just the weak point of the roof, it collapsed and sort of like a domino effect, it started to take other sections,” said Chief Michael Cassidy of the Holliston Fire Department.

Clearing a roof is costly, with some companies charging nearly $500 per hour.

  1. Rose March says:

    35% workers comp. for roofing labor

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