During Kansas vs. Kansas St. basketball game a kid stands up and comments on the announcer Erin Andrews and we thought that it looked like Gresh. Take a look and let us know what you think.

11236 Gresh & Zos YouTube Of The Day: Does This Fat Kid Look Like Gresh?

Andy Gresh 2001 (Photo Courtesy of 790 AM WSKO)

Comments (13)
  1. Miller says:

    Holy Christ, Andy!! Where a beater under that polo…..you look like freakin Phil Nippleson!


  2. saul kaplan says:

    Andy at that age wouldn’t know what to do with a babe like her !

  3. hull, ma says:

    is andy also the father of the fat kid from bad santa??

  4. mark tess says:

    That kid looks like he likes chicken fried and EVERYTHING else Fried!

    1. mark tess says:

      Actually just adding to my post. This kid looks like the love child of Gresh and Zac Brown.

  5. Adam says:

    Jezus Gresh….makes me want some fried eggs.

  6. Gresh's boy says:

    I only voted no because Gresh texted me and asked me to.

  7. Joe says:

    separated at birth for sure…

  8. Dave Walker says:

    Closest Gresh will ever get to Erin Andrews!!!

  9. Jamie McCarthy says:

    Who are the two people who voted no and what school for the blind do they attend?

  10. Mika says:

    Gresh, can I get a copy of that video you took of Erin Andrews later that night in her hotel room?

  11. Gresh is a multiple WEINER EATER says:

    If that was Gresh, when he says HOT he would be calling the vendor over for a dozen HOT dogs!!!!!!

  12. Bill says:

    the kid eat 4 quarter pounders

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