HINGHAM (CBS) – A teenage girl was seriously hurt while sledding in Hingham on Sunday.

The 15-year-old was sledding down a steep hill at the South Shore Country Club when she hit a tree and was knocked unconscious.

The teen regained consciousness and was moving her arms and legs when crews arrived.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Smith reports.

“Arriving first was a Hingham police officer, and she made sure the girl was breathing, which she was. She held traction on the girl’s head, and basically held her still, and we fully immobilized her on a backboard,” said Capt. William Powers of the Hingham Fire Department.

The teen was taken to South Shore Hospital. Her identity was not released.

“People were saying she hit a tree down the hill pretty hard, and when the ambulance came, she was unconscious and really wasn’t moving,” said Katie Mahoney, a witness. “The snow’s really packed down, so it’s really, really slippery and steep.”

Capt. Powers added that kids should consider wearing a helmet when sledding down a steep hill with trees.

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  1. emom says:

    Ok first I do hope she is ok and gets better.. But I have some real concerns obout sledding nowadays, first a REAL sled that you can stear and well slide off seems far better, next all those inflatable tubes are the most UNSAFE of any kind of sled, they have way to much speed on snow and ice, next the saucer style sleds JUST as bad. . Neither of these are controlable and the speeds are far to fast. YES A HELMET shoul;d be used. but some areas should also be OFF LIMITS,,,

  2. emom says:

    extreme steep slopes should never be sled down, there is no control , I dont understand kids today, but furture more I dont understand some parents , itsnot any thing like what we did as kids, Seems the faster you can go the better the thrill.. I see it as crazy. maybe these places that allow sledding should be monitoring the areas and keep them off certain slopes… JUST A THOUGHT TO PONDER,, IF ANYONE TRUELY CARES…

  3. harry says:

    Hey liberals – stop. Just…stop. Kids go sledding. Stop trying to control every aspect of everything. Marking an area ‘off limits’ isn’t going to stop kids from sledding. Try and use a single brain cell before spouting off worthless ideas. And as for going fast..THAT’S THE POINT. “The faster you can go the better the thrill. I see it as crazy.” That’s your opinion, and an ignorant one at that. Enjoy sitting in your house, alone, never taking any risks or having fun. Fool.

  4. emom says:

    LIBERAL < REALLY << who knew, not me… thats a hoot… for your infomation I have sledded many times and with my kid but have taken safety as serious as driving. No tubes and no saucers, way to dangerous, and absolutly no control over them, Hey but if you teabaggers want to take caution to the wind GOOD LUCK< my point is rational, safety should be always used when sledding, by the way my kid and I always have plenty of fun, but use good judgement and stay safe,, OH I GUESS THATS NOT FOR SOME IS IT NOW. sorry but I play it safe, And I will enjoy myself while at home watching tv with my kid after a great day. sorry if that crimps some people style, didnt know safety was such a bad think..
    LIBERAL<<< still laughing over that one.

  5. macmum says:

    Okay, what does talking about being safe while participating in what is basically a sporting event have to do with being part of a liberal group? No one was calling for a law to protect the stupid – just pointing out that if you value the quality of your kid’s lives, you should err on the side of caution – which makes sense.

  6. GW says:

    Wow, Now take these comments to Route 128 and what do you think?

  7. Dad says:

    Last weekend, I watched a young boy this tree very hard. As he hit the tree, the back of his head slammed into the base and sent him flying off his inflatable. Fortunately, he escaped a VERY serious head injury and wound up only with a bloody tongue. His mother saw it all as well. He was wearing a helmet. After seeing that, my wife and I went right out and bought winter sports helmets for our six year-old twins.

    I pray this girl OK.

    1. DAD says:

      Adding clarity to my previous post. I watched the boy hit this very same tree at SSCC.

  8. Ed Dracut says:

    Here’s a novel idea. Tell your children that if it looks like you are going to hit a tree to bail out jump off. Don’t stay on the tube,sled or what ever you are on untill you hit a tree or a fence or a parked car. Common sence people. When you see video on AFV of children and adults crashing into tress or cars it makes you think that people aren’t too smart now a days.

  9. Robin Langlois says:

    It doesnt matter if there are trees, brick walls, or the like around the truth is sledding on any apparatus is dangerous. I went sledding when I was 4 years old and ended up going face first into a sheet of ice, breaking the roots to my teeth and causing some problems later on. This was 20 or so years ago but I still go sledding. It was an accident, yes they can be avoided but accidents can occur anywhere. I think kids now a days are just looking to have the same damn fun. Yes people get hurt, accidents happen but in the end you can get hurt just walking. Don’t take the fun away from the kids because an accident happened.

    1. Ron says:

      What happens when your child is not injured but killed? Ours was.

  10. DStein says:

    Sure, let’s ban all recreational activity for our kids because they might get hurt. Just let them sit in front of the TV playing video games and gaining 30 pounds.

  11. emom says:

    Well seems some dont care about safety,, I just hope some take it serious enough to protect themselfs and their kids. I personally have seen some extremely close calls, Way to close , like sledding into a street with oncoming trucks and cars, giant boulders and ledges,,, Oh but those must also be part of the THRILL to seek. Glad I take my child to a safe area where sledding has no obstacles, not trees, boulders, and a pond with possible thin ice and no trees to fear . but what ever, enjoy the THRILL< and hope safety is used.

  12. marchy says:

    I take offense when you say that parents who let thier children go sledding at South Shore Country Club are not concerned about thier saftey. That is a Great place to go sledding because there are not many trees, no boulders or ponds for the kids to sled into. I would love to know where you take your kids sleddind where there are no hazards. There is no such place. Any time a child goes sledding there is always a chance they may get hurt. This also applies to every day life. Your children can get hurt in your schools play ground (where by the way most children get hurt), walking on a slippery driveway, in the bathtub, eating food, the list goes on….. The parents and children who go sledding there are not looking for a THRILL ride, they are simply going to have fun with thier children. This was an accident, pure and simple as that.

  13. hingham dad says:

    I am there with my kids regularly and regularly I feel myself aggrevated by parents who think it’s a hoot that kids run into other kids who are walking down up the hills. I listened to a father jokingly saying to his son ” I give you ten bucks for every kid you take out”
    There is a certain lack of common sense about not telling your kids to walk up on the side and to watch out when you going down. It is a great place to sled, but it’s a disaster waiting to happen

  14. emom says:

    Hingham DAD THANK YOU FOR THAT , THIS IS MY POINT, SOME HERE HAVE SAID ITS THE THRILL , well if that is the thrill I rather not go there and take a chance, I have had fun sledding growing up and on hills and yes seen so many stupid thrill seekers thinking OH I WONT GET HURT , only get carried away by ambulance because they were careless.. My point is Why take extreme risks, I realize accidents happen, but so many of those can be prevented ,, if you are a thrill seeker then you throw caution to the wind. I get that , But if a place has obstacles in the way , even the human kind, then its unsafe, I agree thats not safe if they deliberatly try to cause an accident … I only hope it was and nothing caused it… Hope she is also ok, I am not a uncaring person just the opposite, I care enough to make sure My family is safe but can enjoy and have fun. even if its sledding

  15. emom says:

    Oh also, Some must love broken bones, concussions, bleeding from bad injuries or other injuries, Me not so… And its not always a good thing to have a head injury..that is not a great thing to have and not worth a thrill either.. I take pride in know I care about my families health, so will stay safe when having fun. oh and to take offense for saying to be safe, well guess you rather not be safe then.,

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