HALIFAX (CBS) – Viewer Paul Holmes recently spotted two bald eagles near Monponsett Pond in Halifax.

halifaxeagle Bald Eagles Spotted In Halifax

This bald eagle was spotted in Halifax. (credit: Paul Holmes)

Bald eagles are making a comeback in Massachusetts, though spotting one in the Bay State is still quite rare. A record 102 birds were spotted in Massachusetts in a 2011 survey. That’s the largest number in more than thirty years of record-keeping.

See: Bald Eagles in Massachusetts

Back in 1979, just seven bald eagles were spotted in the annual survey.

The bald eagle was taken off the federal list of endangered and threatened species in 2007.

Comments (3)
  1. Bill says:

    Saw one flying in Middleton Thursday

  2. Jonathan Eddy says:

    There was one (1) Bald Eagle spotted on the ground on Rt 27 in Natick a few hundred yards from Rt 9 a few months ago foraging for food. I didn’t personally witness it, but it was in the News.

  3. Melissa Walker says:

    Great Job Uncle Paul!!!

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