Curious About Pets in the Driver’s Seat

By Ken Tucci, WBZ-TV
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(File photo by Peg Rusconi)

(File photo by Peg Rusconi)

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   You know I realize driving conditions are very hard in this kind of weather, I also understand the dangers of texting while driving, what I don’t understand is why there is not a law that forbids drivers to drive with their pets on their laps & hanging out the drivers window.  How can this possibly be any safer than texting?  – Joanna, Onset

There IS a law.  A State Police spokesman tells me they can ticket you if you have Fido on your lap while driving because that’s considered “impeded operation.”  

First offense is $35….second offense is $75….and the third can cost you $150.

Check out this clown…look ma no hands.

Have you ever done it?  Have you ever seen it?



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