By Ken Tucci, WBZ-TV

   You know I realize driving conditions are very hard in this kind of weather, I also understand the dangers of texting while driving, what I don’t understand is why there is not a law that forbids drivers to drive with their pets on their laps & hanging out the drivers window.  How can this possibly be any safer than texting?  – Joanna, Onset

There IS a law.  A State Police spokesman tells me they can ticket you if you have Fido on your lap while driving because that’s considered “impeded operation.”  

First offense is $35….second offense is $75….and the third can cost you $150.

Check out this clown…look ma no hands.

Have you ever done it?  Have you ever seen it?



Comments (10)
  1. emom says:

    First of all ,, WHY ARE YOU THAT SENSELESS TO EVEN THINK HAVING AN ANIMAL LOOSE IN THE CAR LET ALONE ON YOUR LAP. Next, sorry but this begs to be said, HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, there , I seriously doubt its ever inforced, Just like kids are to be seat belted in and not standing at the dashboard in a moving car, YEAH standing at the dashboard,, or lyin in the rear window,,, COME ON PEOPLE DONT YOU CARE ARE YOU INSANE, LEAVE YOU ANIMALS HOME. NO EXCUSE, and for god sakes, seatbelt your kids,,,,agian,, FOOLISH PEOPLE NEED NOT HAVE KIDS OR ANIMALS,

  2. taxedout says:

    Just like Texting, hope Fido doesn’t have to answer natures call while in your lap and I’m driving by, both of us are DEAD!!!! Stupid!!!!

  3. response says:

    I am one that does not leave my dog at home, I take him everywhere I can. He travels safely in a crate that is buckeled in the back. He enjoys going to games, going to the park, going to the store and it’s good for them to be around people. There are safe ways to travel with pets.
    That being said…isn’t it gross when your steering wheel is covered in dog drool?

  4. quinzy52 says:

    emom and taxedout are Right On. I started to notice this “in the steering wheel” thing while I was a traffic flagman in Maine. It was usually elderly women. I suspect that I am Paraplegic today after a 78 y/o woman had a DOG in the steering wheel hit mei in the back. The right thing is to leave the DOG home and stop torturing the rest of us. Those of us that ride bikes would like some peace on the roads. Another law that is never enforced.

  5. 1stackmack says:

    this drives me nuts.if there isn’t a law it should be.never mind holding on to fluffy with one hand and a cell phone or coffee in the other,whats holding the wheel.and what happens to fluffy when your in a small wreck and the air bag or bags goes off.fluffy won’t be so fluffy anymore.

    1. Cynic says:

      SPLATTTTTTT…Sorry Fluffy.

  6. DStein says:

    Now, please tell me why they can’t use the “impeded operation” law to nail people texting? Reading the newspaper? Putting on makeup? No, we needed yet another law on the books for texting. That’s all politicians do, is create new laws to pacify people and make us think they’re actually doing something constructive when all that really needs to be done is enforce the laws already on the books.

  7. taxedout says:

    Do these people get to use the HOV lane????? Maybe that’s what’s behind this!!!!

  8. macmum says:

    I’ve seen it, but would never do it. I have two small dogs and people laugh at me, but they have “car seats” that are strapped into the second row of my SUV. All I had to see was a video of a small dog flying through a windshield to know that having them loose in the car is not safe for them and a distraction for me. People who do this are clueless and think they are invincible or something. But they put everyone else on the road at risk when their pet decides to jump off their lap and cause them to veer into another car.

  9. al says:

    I really wish that some of you people would think before you talk. First thing is this. How many accidents have happened or have been caused by haveing fido in your lap while driveing? How many accidents have happened or have been caused because some-one was either talking or texting on the phone? the driver with his pet has 100% control of the vehicle versus a driver that is on the phone or texting, so if any-one should be penalized for impeded driving it should be the cell phones and texting, not because of fido being in your lap.

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