BOSTON (AP) — The manager of a Massachusetts electronics company has been sentenced to three years in federal prison for conspiring to export restricted products to Chinese military factories and research facilities.

Yufeng Wei of Belmont was also fined $15.5 million Friday for helping to illegally export equipment is used in electronic warfare, military radar, fire control, military guidance and control equipment, missile systems and satellite communications.

Sentencing occurred two days after her ex-husband, Zhen Zhou Wu, was jailed for more than eight years for his role in the 10-year conspiracy.

The couple used Chitron Electronics Inc. of Waltham, Mass., to procure restricted electronics and lied in official documents when they shipped products to China through a Hong Kong front company, also owned by Zhen.

Chitron Electronics is a U.S. subsidiary of Hong Kong-based Shenzhen Chitron Electronics Company Ltd.

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Comments (3)
  1. 01608 says:

    I was reading about grandma and get this. How this is a sarah palin moment. W.T.

  2. Cynic says:

    I would bet that all the Elecronics they procured were “Made In China”.

  3. DStein says:

    Sounds to me like they should be executed, not sent to prison.

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