Curious About The Difference Between All-Wheel Drive And Four-Wheel Drive

BOSTON (CBS) – With all the driving problems this winter, you may be thinking your two-wheel-drive car isn’t getting the job done and that you need more power.

Ron from Plympton Declared his Curiosity, writing, “One car company offers four-wheel drive, but the other has all-wheel drive. Aren’t they the same thing?”

Well, almost.

In both cases, power does go to all the wheels, but a true four-wheel drive system gives you more gear choices and is best if you’re going off-road.

Larger SUV’s and trucks tend to have true four-wheel drive.

There are also automatic all-wheel drive systems where the vehicle switches from two to four wheel power when it detects traction problems. Medium-sized SUV’s and crossover vehicles tend to have this one.

Whether it’s four-wheel or all-wheel drive, it won’t help if you have to brake on a slippery road.

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