SOMERVILLE (CBS) – The Massachusetts State Police said a Somerville cab driver who allegedly was driving drunk during the snow storm on Thursday morning claimed that two prominent local comedians would help get him out of trouble.

Tyler Bryan, 25, of East Somerville was charged with operating under the influence and refusing to identify himself. Police later identified him through the Green Cab company in Somerville and the RMV database.

Police said Bryan was “extremely belligerent” when he was found stuck in a snow bank on Soldiers Field Road after 5 a.m. with his engine running. He allegedly claimed to officers that two local comedians, Lenny Clarke and Denis Leary, would help get him out of trouble. Later while being booked, troopers said Bryan brought up Clarke and Leary again, slurring Clarke’s name and dragging it out for 15 seconds over and over again: “LLLLEEEEENNNNNYYYYY.”

Troopers said that Bryan had bloodshot eyes and refused to speak or answer questions when they arrived to the scene. They smelled alcohol on the driver and had to hold him up once they got him out of the cab and into the police cruiser.

Bryan then told troopers that he had been walking, not driving, and then claimed that he had been in the passenger seat of the cab, not the driver’s seat.

Troopers said Bryan cursed during the entire ride to the Brighton State Police Barracks, and once inside he became even more belligerent. Bryan later told troopers at the station that he had been driving a snowmobile or that he crashed into one.

Bryan was arraigned on Thursday morning in the Brighton Division of the Boston Municipal District Court.  He was released with orders to not operate a motor vehicle or consume alcohol until his court case is resolved.


Comments (6)
  1. Wizard says:

    We should make drunk driving against the law.
    That will solve this problem!

  2. Cynic says:

    Boy…This guy is a real Comedian.

  3. Cynic says:

    I’m certain that the Staties took him into the back room and “Explained” to him why this wasn’t the best time to try out his new act.

  4. Randy says:

    well lets face it if Lenny Clark was there and the trooper had a choice to either listen to his comedy or just walk away……well the guy might have been right.

  5. seamus says:

    I know for a fact that jawn was not Tyler Bryan but in fact Tyrone Bryant kobes evil cousin. 495 495

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