BOSTON (CBS) – If you get caught in traffic on Wednesday and are tempted to curse the person in the car in front of you, please don’t.

Wednesday is ‘No Name-Calling Day’ in Massachusetts.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mark Katic reports.

“Well, we have done ‘No Name-Calling Week’ for the past several years. You know, it’s a start. It’s too bad we have to have a specific week that’s ‘No Name-Calling Week’ or a specific day that’s ‘No Name-Calling Day,’ but we’re just trying to raise the level of focus on the power of the word,” said Patricia DeBoer, the principal at Mashpee’s Quashnet Elementary School.

The day is mostly being recognized in schools, where elementary school teachers will talk to students about the lasting damage of insults.

Students at a Mashpee school lobbied to have “No Name-Calling Day” included in the anti-bullying bill that passed last year.

Comments (6)
  1. gramps says:

    This would be a great day for the ‘No-Name’ restaurant on the fish pier to run a few specials….


  2. snwqn says:

    If you think I won’t be calling the street plow driver names later on I’ve gt news for you…. I know he’s just doing his job, but his job brings me such missery, the only way I feel better is by yelling names at him.

  3. Aimee Berger says:

    Check out Boston’s own Michael and Marisa’s anti-bullying video of their original song: “The Same”

  4. Cynic says:

    Does this mean that the Comments Feature will be Closed Wednesday?

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