Snow Could Start During Afternoon Commute

By Terry Eliasen, Meteorologist, WBZ-TV Exec. Weather Producer

BOSTON (CBS) – Snow is coming Wednesday and it may start lightly during the afternoon commute.

There is a Winter Storm Warning in effect from 4 p.m. until 10 a.m. Thursday.

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There is an initial batch of precipitation that has broken away from the main area and has brought snow to places like New York City and southern Connecticut this morning.

This slug of rain and snow will likely bring some light precipitation to our area this afternoon and early evening, ahead of the main storm system. 

There could be some light accumulation through this evening’s commute, but we do not expect anything major before 7p.m. tonight. 

After 7p.m., the main area of low pressure approaches from the south and steady snow overspreads the area from south to north. 

The “brunt” of this storm will be from about 10 p.m. through 6 a.m., that is when most of the accumulation will occur. 

The snow will taper off quickly Thursday morning, ending in most spots between 7 and 9 a.m. 


The heaviest snow totals will be found to the south of Boston where we are forecasting 6-to-10 inches for most of Plymouth, Norfolk and Bristol Counties. 

The heavy snow may also extend down to the upper Cape as well.  Farther east out on Cape Cod snow totals will decrease due to mixing – 3-to-6 inches on the mid-Cape and 1-to-3 for the outer Cape and Nantucket. 

As for areas north and west of Boston, there will be a very sharp cutoff, so snow totals are a tough call. 

We are forecasting 3-to-6 inches from Routes 128 to 495, into Middlesex and Worcester Counties and a very sharp drop off to near nothing beyond there. 

I am a bit concerned that the sharp cutoff to very light snow could wind up a bit farther east and many of our not-too-distant northwest suburbs could receive a smaller amount of snow than forecast.


There are no major concerns here, although some strong northeast winds will set up along the coastline, especially in southeastern Massachusetts. 

Winds may gust to 50 mph along the South Shore and Cape Cod. 

The one high tide of concern is Thursday at 5 a.m., there may be some minor coastal flooding, certainly some big wave action, but again, no major coastal issues are forecast.

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  • Dianne

    Barry was right again!

    • Lynn

      He’s the best!

    • sue

      No, I guess he wasn’t. He was actually way off. The other guys got it right this time.

  • Amanda

    How much are we getting? Everyone is saying different amounts. Over at, they are forecasting a lot more snow for Boston…



  • Bill


  • David White

    Only nowcasting will get the precipt amounts right. But Barry you have been most consistent with your projections for no more than six inches for Boston. Thanks!

  • Julie

    Can we please wait for the storm to GET here before you call Barry “the man:”?? It hasn’t even started snowing yet !!!

    • YouAreRight

      Good call Julie. I also hate this nowcasting thing…doesn’t that invlidate the whole concept of FOREcasting? Don’t get me started on wishcasting… :)

  • bob clark

    Please everyone and wait til the basket of eggs arrives before you start counting the eggs!

  • Sheila Riley-Callahan

    Love Barry Burbank! He is a UMass Lowell alum! :-)

    • UNH Wild E. Cat

      Well, that changes everything for me!

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  • lin

    I love Barry’s laid-back style! You rock!!

  • Me

    A good few years back, 2 “other” Boston stations and the 3 Providence stations, as well as the 2 Fox stations all predicted a significant amount of snow, to the point that everyone was preparing (food, shovels, etc etc). Barry was the only who said we weren’t getting ANYTHING. Sure enough we got NO snowstorm. Barry is the BEST!!

  • Audrey White

    Does anyone know what caused a Air Quality Alert to be issued for Worcester? It is listed with the Winter Weather Warning on the weather websites?

  • badlands17

    “Snow is coming Wednesday and it may start lightly during the afternoon commute”….it says at the top of this article…in Weymouth it has been snowing moderately to heavily since about 1 PM (lightly around noon to 1 PM)….roads are getting bad now…so if this keeps up until tomorrow morning as the time frame forcasted, I can see that foot or better prediction that some are still making.

  • Keith

    Too bad the media is obsessed with the young or the female or the young female. In the weather business experience would seem to be the most important attibute. But not in the Boston media biz. Barry should still have the morning gig on 4. Great job as usual Barry!

  • mom

    I will only log on this weather site from now on. It is so much more to the point than channel 5. Thank you Barry, I am now a fan!

  • wrong

    look outside. WBZ completely underestimated this storm. Channel 7 was the closest with their 9-12″ estimate. In fact, Ch 7 should have stuck with their 10-15 estimate they had on Sunday. That turned out to be the closest. Yesterday morning, Barry was calling for 6″ max – good one. IF you don’t believe me, check out the actual storm totals, reported on the weather service page. BTW – the service nailed this storm.

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