RAYMOND, NH (CBS) — Raymond High School basketball players say there were only a few minutes left to go in the game when a referee collapsed on the court.

“His face was purple and his eyes were rolled back,” basketball player Amanda McGee said.

That’s when Cyndi Campbell, who is a nurse at Elliot Hospital, leaped into action. She along with another nurse an off-duty EMT worker was sitting in the stands when they saw the man collapse.

“He stopped breathing and lost his heartbeat so we started CPR,” Campbell said.

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton reports.

As the nurses were performing CPR on the referee someone went and grabbed the defibrillator which was located just a few feet away. This is the school’s second AED device, which it purchased a year ago.

“We had quick access to it. Realizing the importance of having them in our school systems and taking a look at life and putting it all in perspective is just amazing,” said Athletic Director Davinney Brazeu.

It took three people to revive him.

“After we did the AED and shocked him he had a heartbeat but he still wasn’t breathing well. So we did another round of CPR and at that point he took a deep breath,” Campbell said.

Moments later paramedics arrived and took him to the hospital.

“It’s a life lesson to appreciate everything and it was a miracle what happened,” McGee said.


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