BOSTON (CBS) — The MBTA and Commuter Rail have been plagued with problems this week, and Wednesday night seems to be no different.

There were several trains delayed during the evening commute, and once again it appears winter weather is the cause in some instances.

Scott Farmelant, a spokesperson for commuter rail operator MBCR, told WBZ that service was impacted by cold weather, two locomotives that were taken out for service repairs, a switch failure and crossing gate failures.

He went on to say the cold weather caused air hose failures, which impacts braking.

The MBTA’s website has a full list of alerts.

Comments (3)
  1. 01608 says:

    This is why one reason I have a car.

  2. FireMBTAGeneralManager says:

    Hey MBTA, this is New England. Hellooooooo?

  3. Ron says:

    “Plagued with problems this week”? As opposed to the ongoing failures and incompetence that have been plaguing riders for… how many years now? When the fares went up in 2007 service pretty much shut for down the entire month of January.. and February… and all of March… then most of April… and a good chunk of May. My commute time more than doubled after they hiked fares. At the time it was because every train magically broke down at the same time every night. Those problems vanished and the delays continued.

    Nice to see the media paying attention to the T, but you’re a little late and you didn’t even study. The first 4 months of Davey’s term as General Mullah saw a massive gap in Orange line service every night during rush hour. Always at least twenty minutes (a crippling delay @ 5PM) and always caused by the T stopping trains and holding u service for no justifiable reason. Trains leaving Forest Hills 5-10 minutes late that then sat parked on the tracks for ‘schedule adjustments’ and then sat around even longer for ‘traffic ahead’ even when the closest train ahead has already made it to Oak Grove and is halfway back to Forest Hills. Then resolve the congestion they themselves caused by continuing to refuse to provide the service every 5 minutes as is scheduled and continuing to space them out.

    There hasn’t been even one day the T hasn’t massively failed in a very long time. The only thing the T does reliably is offer phony excuses. If this had been a mild winter, we’d still have the same delays and they’d be trying some other explanation.

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