BOSTON (CBS) – This has been an exhausting winter and we’re not even halfway through it. Boston averages just over 42 inches of snow per winter, but this season, we’ve already received nearly 51 inches, and it’s only January.

Crews are now racing to make room for more snow.

It’s a problem with pedestrians literally disappearing behind snow banks as cars take the corners.

“With a truck the other day ran a red light, he didn’t see us right around the snow bank and almost ran over us. Just got to be careful,” said Peter Eichhorn, a pedestrian.

WBZ-TV’s Beth Germano reports.

The city says it has to push the snow to the corners with streets jammed with parked cars. When possible, the snow is hauled away to a snow farm like the one at Black Falcon Terminal.

For everyone who wishes it could all just disappear, Boston’s DPW commissioner admits what you don’t want to hear.

“We can get to the streets to clear them, but we can’t necessarily get to every corner and every street to get to pick up the snow and take it out of here,” said Joanne Massaro, Boston DPW Commissioner.

Some drivers said they are having a tough time finding a parking spot in Boston’s Back Bay and other areas of the city.

So, the question of where to put the next batch of snow doesn’t have an easy answer.

“We will push it to the side and then when the storm abates and finishes, some snow removal will be necessary,” said Massaro.

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