BOSTON (CBS) – If you look young enough, you can expect to get carded if you buy a bottle of wine or a pack of cigarettes.

But cough syrup?

That’s what happened to Jay in Middleboro, who Declared his Curiosity, writing, “I just got asked for my ID at a CVS to buy cough syrup for my sick son. I was flabbergasted. Is this a state law or company policy?”

In this case, it is the company policy, but CVS is far from alone.

Many pharmacies ask you to prove your age because cough syrup contains “dextromethorphan.”

If you drink enough of it, the effects can be like alcohol and it can get you intoxicated. Last fall, the FDA was actually asked to make cough syrup available by prescription only, but the FDA rejected the idea.

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  1. Cynic says:

    At Walgreens you can be 75 years old and still get carded to buy a pack of Cigarettes. There is good reason for the rule for something that can be used to manufacture Meth. Harrassing Smokers is nothing but PUNISHMENT for Smoking.

  2. ed wallace says:

    I asked channel 4 about getting carded at cvs when buying nyquil cvs clerk said it was a state law a.g.’s office sent me a form letter telling me they do not give legal advice so could channel 4 find out is it a law or just a store policy

  3. taxedout says:

    ID’d to buy cough syrup, but not to Vote!!!!

  4. emom says:

    AH try buying some things at walmart, auto department, I got carded for some of the fluids needed for a car, crazy as it sounds, kids go around and huff this stuff, sniff it and yes drink it,,, The same goes for vanilla extract, hairspray, and rubbing achohol, Yeah kids will do almost anything to get a buzz or high.. HOW SAD IS THAT .. bE GRATEFULL THEY ARE TAKING CONTROL SO WE DONT HAVE DEATHS BY STUPIDITY. It could be your child that might get sick,

    1. Ron says:

      The same thing happened to me several years back @ a Wal-Mart in NY. I wanted to purchase dry-gas at the self-checkout and it came up flagged. An employee had to approve the sale. At the time, she gave the machine and the bottle a funny look as she tried to figure out why it was asking for an ID check. We both laughed it off since the self-checkouts were still new in that store.

    2. Stew says:

      We shouldn’t allow our government to “take control” for us. If stupid people huff/drink this crap, stupid people should suffer the consequences. The freedom of people with common sense should not be oppressed because of the poor choices made by people with none.

  5. john says:

    i’m over 50..i smoke…i get carded to buy ciggs…thats my secret to looking so young….a little common sense here people

    1. Cynic says:

      John..You Don’t find getting carded very offensive? I do.You don’t mind this ignorance being brought into you life ? I do,Very much. Occasionally when I’m in the mood and I am at CVS or Walgreens I will ask for five packs of Cigarettes. When I am asked in for my drivers License (Which I am not REQUIRED to show anyone but a Police Officer in uniform) I say never mind….. Let THEM figure out what to do with the overring on thier register,,,,

  6. Cynic says:

    Why is a PHARMACY allowed to sell CIGARETTES anyway? Doesn’t Tobacco KILL people ? Try to make it a law that they can’t sell Tobacco and watch them scream…..Now it’s costing them MONEY….

  7. kate says:

    It just goes to show you what kids will do these days to catch a buzz. Drink enough cough syrup you will feel like you are tripping on acid. I don’t know how the kids do it – huffing, sniffing, drinking, smoking – gives me a headache just thinking about it. I’m sure we will see someone on 1000 ways to die drinking themselves to death w/ cough syrup.

  8. emom says:

    Why do some stores sell liquor,, does a 7/11 really need to sell booze, does a gas stthey really make any money from it,, DO THEY ation need to sell anything other than gas and coffee, DO THEY, and why does some drug stores need to sell anything but DRUGS,,,,,,, really why do

  9. nabeela says:

    In Bangladesh, where alcohol sale to citizens is banned, a lot of high school (and older) kids regularly drink cough syrup to get drunk/high. So maybe it’s a good thing to get ID’d for it?

  10. macmum says:

    I’ve been “carded” at BJ’s and other places for cough syrup (and the limit how much you can buy at one time…but you can come back 5 minutes later and make a seperate purchase) and I’ve also been carded for buying spray paint at the hardware store. It’s sad that a few dumb kids that eventually killed themselves because of stupidity have made it difficult to buy everyday items. Wouldn’t it be great if parents could police their teens instead of having the government do it? I’m from a family of 8 and raised two of my own – yet my parents & I never needed outside help to do it…. So what really is the problem here??

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