WALTHAM (CBS) – The man who set off a deadly chain reaction crash on Route 128 southbound on Saturday showed up to the State Police barracks in Concord on Sunday.

Neil Connolly, 44, lost control of his Lexus and rolled over. His car hit a Subaru, which then was hit by a Jeep Cherokee.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports.

The Subaru’s driver was killed in the crash, and the jeep’s driver is being treated for serious injuries.

Connolly was hospitalized, but police said he ran off.

Police said they are interviewing Connolly and he has not been charged.

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  1. swim69 says:

    This story is VERY sad to me. Get that Neil Connolly, and if by some chance he is reading this: turn yourself in you coward. Your reckless driving – probably speeding, probably swerving in and out of lanes, probably LATE to get somewhere and driving in a rush you selfish person, KILLED someone. That is awful, just awful – and I know that he will be found. Put him in jail for a good long time, and even that will not help to bring the person back who was killed. Shame, shame on Neil Connolly.

  2. dudette says:

    if he was cutting in and out then hopefully someone behind him will come forward.

  3. Lawyer says:

    Check his cell phone records

  4. mark says:

    I see this type of driving everyday. It needs to be stopped! All aggressive drivers take note. And think!!!

  5. to: so quick to judge... says:

    It’s infuriating to read people’s comments and to see how many people quickly judge and point their finger. Before people jump the gun and comment about a person, listen to the facts, take a step back and analyze the situation. If it were you, I hope that no one would even take a second look at what you did wrong, and would throw you in jail for life. I mean, who cares if you went to jail for life too, right? Doesn’t matter if you’re innocent, because what the news says is exactly what we should believe, isn’t it? We know that the news can be embellished for ratings. Although we still do not know what the cause is, apparently that’s enough for you to make a life altering decision. Perhaps you know something that the rest of the public does not, since you are so quick to judge in deciding this man’s fate. If you were in his situation that must give me the right to be judge, trial and jury for you. You don’t even know the whole story and here you are sentencing this man to life. First off, were you there? Second off, are you a professional investigator? Third, how dare you accuse someone of wrong doing so early on? If juries were filled with people like you we would all be guilty. Thank God there are people out there with a heart and the decency to listen to the whole story before giving someone the ax. What happened to being innocent until proven guilty? I hope you never have to encounter something of this magnitude and be subjected to such negative and malicious comments by such ignorant people.

    1. Name without by request says:

      Connolly was observed weaving in and out of traffic. He fled the emergency room to avoid being tested for drugs and alchohol. He turned himself in after 48 hours when the drugs were out of his system. He flipped his car by turning the wheel sharply while driving at excessive speed on a straight section of road. His home address on his license is a drug abuse clinic.

      You draw your own conclusions

  6. JetsLose says:

    Mr. Connolly, is that you?

  7. Tim Claflin says:

    driving is a privilege not a right every time i drive to or from waltham i put my life in danger. one of the big reasons is the state has not funded the state police to have more patrols on the highways and it is peoples attitude about, not thinking about other people . i think at lease they should have cameras instaled to track the bad drivers thanks tc

  8. costaane e bcelani says:

    my heart goes out to all the familys that lost there love ones and the ones that got hurt.

  9. msw says:

    I’ll bet Neil is trying to avoid a DUI and will most likely be successful. This is why he took off before he could be checked out and then turned himself in after sobering up. I can’t imagine any other reason for taking off after being in such a serious crash

  10. The good, the bad, the ugly says:

    to whom it may concern, I have been following the media and the comments that people have put on this site, I think its all good input. Unfortunately, the last thing we need are more police with a salary of over 100,000.00 a year. The economy is suffering enough. Why not hire more snow plow drivers, shovelers, people throwing salt, and also, the reinvestment act, why not make sure are roads are actually drivable, I mean come on people, are roads in Boston are the worst in the state, and probably the worst within all the surrounding states in massachusetts. dont forget about a year ago when steel grates shot off into peoples cars, and the unfortunate incident on the highway where from the big dig, a piece of cement fell from the bridge. I drive up and down 128 all the time, and would think that they could invest some more money fixing the roads. Whos to say that ice didnt shoot off someones car or there wasnt black ice on the road, not a one of us can say that it’s not true, because wqe werewnt invovled.
    And one last thing to add,
    To whom it may concern as far as the drinking and driving, I could be wrong, everyone is wrong at least once a day, however, if that guy neil is trying to avoid a dui, dont you think it would have showed up at the hospital, or food for thought, dont you think that the emt would have smelled boozes on his breath when they took into the ambulance.
    And to swim69, I think you are sick in the head and need to get your head checked, if you kept up to date with the story, you would have seen that who ever wrote to: so quick to judge was at the time that the news said he was already at the police station. Who ever let you on here did you a favor. Buddy, I hate to say this, but you need to go back to school to get an education, because one thing the teach you at school is this, first learn to read, then start reading, then…. if you are interested in a story, read again…. the facts, the reports and stay up to date so when you speak, you speak with intelligence, not stupidity…. use head your buddy. Maybe I’m WRONG, BUT, for anyone else, I dont think that they can be in to places at once, and I were that guy, do you think that I would be wasting my time talking to an uneducated man like yourself,
    Good day to you sir.
    PS. Make sure you blow your coffee before you drink to make sure you dont burn your mouth, we take baby steps first before we can become an adult.

  11. noone says:

    Connolly is that you?

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